Accident at work

Did you trip or fall at work today?

accident at work, trip or fall at work

How many times have you heard that saying?  It appears regularly during adverts and I get frequent phone calls from companies wanting to know if I've had an accident at work.

Accident at Work

Until last week, I never really took much notice.  Then in walks my husband, who had returned home from work, with a massive cut on his nose, covered in blood down his front and with severe bruising around his left eye and across his cheek bone.  It was quite a shocking site.

Automatic Lighting

He was just finishing up at work (he is a afternoon/evening cleaner at a college) and they were doing their last minute room checks before leaving for the day.  All of the rooms and corridors have those lights that turn on and off automatically by detecting whether there is movement in the room or not.  These are great for saving electricity and are exactly the same as the ones we have where I work.

However, when the lights are out, you need to open the door and enter the room to enable the detector to detect you and turn the lights on.  When my husband entered the room (and it was pitch black by this time) he tripped over a stool that had been left out and went head first onto a desk.


In the scheme of things, he was extremely lucky.  He did not suffer from concussion, he did not break his nose, although he had a severe nose bleed and he suffered only aches, pains and bruises.  In fact, 10 days on and he still has a lot of 'yellow' around his eye socket and cheek bone.

His employers were great.  He was immediately taken care of, they have had extra health and safety measures put in to place to prevent this happening again AND they told him he could take as much time off, with pay, as he needed.  He didn't actually take any time off, as he didn't feel he needed to, but it was good to know that they were fully supportive of him.


This got me thinking.  Not everyone has a supportive employer and should your accident or injury be a serious one, you may well need to seek further advice.

A quick search online and I came across the following companies which may help if you find yourself in this kind of situation:

Accident Advice Helpline

Citizens Advice

Prevention is Better than Cure

Prevention is obviously the best thing. At my husband's work now they are not allowed to do the end of shift checks alone.  They must be in pairs.  If he had knocked himself out or ended up with an injury that would have prevented him from moving, it would have been quite a while before anyone would have realised he hadn't returned.

Hopefully, in another week or so the bruising will have gone completely.  I think there may still be a slight yellow tinge on the photos taken on Christmas Day though - which will serve as a lasting reminder!

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Accident at work
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