Monthly Goals -November 2016

I like to set myself some monthly goals. Not only does it help to motivate me, it helps to see what I have achieved and keeps me accountable.  Here are my Monthly Goals - November 2016.

Monthly Goals - November 2016

Money Saving

1. No Spend Days - I hope to have 20 (NSDs). I find these easy when I am at work, as there is no opportunity to spend - unless I do it online – STEP AWAY FROM THAT WEBSITE!!

2. My home insurance is due soon, so I will be looking into the cost of renewal with my current company and comparing this with others. If there is a cheaper option, then I will go with that.

3. Lunches taken every day for all family members – this is a regular occurrence, although sometimes a school dinner may be allowed if it happens to be an after school football day.

Money Making

1. This will coincide with the home insurance renewal as I will be checking cashback sites Quidco and TopCashBack before making my final decision. The amounts of cashback offered can sometimes be quite significant and you have to calculate these in with the cost of the policy to get the absolute best total.

2. I will be researching different methods of passive income, with the intention of trying some out and reporting back on my blog.


No exciting travel plans this month.

The commute will, as always, be by cycle. Here’s hoping for dry weather!

What are your plans for the month?