Brightly coloured Calendar of dates for February

Brightly coloured Calendar of dates for February

Monthly Goals for February 2018

This year instead of making New Year’s Resolutions, I am making monthly goals. New Year’s Resolutions seem too final. How often do you make a resolution only for you to give up completely or your priorities change. That’s why I am going to have monthly goals. These seem far more achievable and can be dynamic throughout the year.  Here are my monthly goals for February 2018.

January Goals Recap

1. Declutter the kitchen work surfaces
2. Introduce one new meal to our weekly meal plan
3. Have a family day out somewhere local – this didn’t happen due to illnesses
4. Reduce my grocery spend my £10 this month
5. Save £10 for Project Kitchen
6. Save £100 for our summer holiday
7. Publish at least one sponsored post – no opportunities came my way
8. Publish one post for Together In One Place
9. Create and post a product for Creatives and Media - No
10. Check in daily to Prolific Academic – I didn’t manage every day but 70%
11. Finish EBook - No
12. Grow my social media followers
13. Get all February’s blog content scheduled
14. Publish first Project Kitchen blog post
15. Connect Creatives and Media up to Google Analytics - No
16. Research image optimisation - No

Goals for February 2018


Family and Home Targets for February 2018



In January I decluttered my kitchen work surfaces. Now it is time for the cupboards. However, I haven’t got time to do these all in one go, so I will split it up into smaller tasks.

• Declutter two kitchen cupboards

Meal Planning

Jacket Potatoes cooked in the slow cooker was the new meal of choice. Really easy to do and delicious. I will be posting the recipe on the blog in the next few weeks. I still want to mix the meal plan up a bit, so I will again look to introduce one more new meal into the meal plan.

• Introduce one new meal into the weekly meal plan

Travel Goals

Last month’s local day trip didn’t happen, mainly due to illnesses. A couple of weekends we had other plans and then on one free weekend two of us were ill and I tweeted this:

• So we will try again - I want to find somewhere local we can visit, which is either free entry or reasonably cheap. Due to the weather this will probably need to be somewhere inside.

Money Saving Goals for February 2018

I have lots of money saving goals but the ones listed here are the ones I have chosen to focus on this year.

Reduce grocery spend

January was a bit of a mixed month.  We had two good week and two weeks were we overspent.  However, the groceries on the last week of January were substantially lower.  I am not quite sure why this was.  It will be interesting to see if the same happens in February.

• Again, I am aiming for a reduction of £10 per week. We currently spend around £100 per week for a family of four. This includes all meals (including packed lunches for 4) and all cleaning materials and toiletries. You can see my progress on this page.

Savings Targets

• Project Kitchen – you can read all about this here  – I hope to save £10 again this month
• Spending money for our summer holiday – I need to save £100 again this month

Money Making Goals for February 2018


Money Saving Journeys

Unfortunately, I did not succeed at this but I won’t give up and I will keep negotiating.

• Try to negotiate a sponsored post

Side Hustle 1 - My Second Website

I did manage to get eldest son to help me out on this website and together we have a post ready to publish. We are going to put one together for February too.

• Aiming for one blog post to be published in February.

Side Hustle 2 - Creatives and Media

This didn’t happen at all. I have so many ideas but so little time. I will keep this goal in for February as having these goals is helping to keep me focused and eventually I will be able to fit in a little more side hustling.

• The target for February is to create and complete one product that I can post for sale.

Side Hustle 3 - Surveys

I absolutely love Prolific Academic.Prolific Academic.  In January I earned £16.94. You can also follow my progress on this page.

• This target stays for February – check in everyday.

Ad Hoc Side Hustles

Another failure to report as I didn’t have any spare time at all to finish my Debt Busting eBook.

• Aim to finish this for publishing at the beginning of March

Blogging Goals for February 2018


Social Media Goals

You can find Money Saving Journeys on TwitterTwitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Bloglovin' and Google +. This year I am going to focus on building engagement across the three platforms where I have the most followers – Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

I focused a lot on engagement across Twitter and Instagram and there has been a noticeable increase in followers. I’m not sure whether this was a one off so I am going to try the same again and see how I do in February.

Current Followers Target As of 26 Jan Feb Target
Twitter 308 350 480 500
Instagram 348 400 494 550
Pinterest 748 800 785 800


Blogging Goals

My main focus has to be my blog (because I love it). So to ensure that I have any chance at all of working on any of my other side hustles (which I also love), I have to be mega organised. I did achieve my target to get February’s content scheduled in advance and the target stays but with the focus now on March.

•Get all of March’s regular content scheduled in advance

SEO Goals

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is something I knew absolutely nothing about when I started my blog. I still have a very long way to go but it is something that has been on the back burner. When you start a blog there is so much to learn and the SEO aspect just overloaded my brain.

• I did not achieve my goal for January so I am leaving this in for February.

• Connect Creatives and Media up to Google Analytics and to look further into image optimisation for all three websites.

Personal Goals for February 2018

No, can’t think of anything again for this section. I think by the time I have written down everything else I want to achieve, my brain doesn’t have any space for anything else.

February Goals Recap

• Declutter two kitchen cupboards
• Introduce one new meal into the weekly meal plan
• I want to find somewhere local we can visit, which is either free entry or reasonably cheap.
• A reduction of £10 per week on the grocery spend
• Save £10 for Project Kitchen
• Save £100 for our Summer holiday
• Try to negotiate a sponsored post for Money Saving Journeys
• Aiming for one blog post to be published in February on Together In One Place
• Create and complete one product for Creatives and Media
• Check in to Prolific Academic everyday
• Try to finish Debt Busting eBook
• Maintain engagement on social media
• Schedule March’s main content on Money Saving Journeys
• Connect Creatives and Media up to Google Analytics
• Work on image optimisation for all three websites

I’ll be back next month with details on which goals I managed to achieve and my goals for March.

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