Christmas Round Up 2018

Christmas Round Up 2018


Christmas Round Up 2018

We are just days away from Christmas Day and I hope you are all organised and not rushing around like a mad thing.  Looking back over this blog, I have created this Christmas Round Up 2018, by pulling all the useful Christmas posts into one.

This year, although I didn't start my planning and shopping until the end of November, I am now way ahead.  All the gifts have been bought and wrapped, the cards written and given out or posted and I have some of the Christmas food items ready in the cupboards and a list of what I need to buy nearer the time.

It is a while since I have been ready this early - and, I must say, it feels great.

I decided to take a look back through my blog to see what I had written around Christmas over the past few years and I have compiled them all below.  If you are still looking for ideas, hints, tips and general christmassy things, take a look below:

If you are yet still to buy your Christmas Gifts, then this post will help you ensure you are getting the best deal and making the most of the money you will be spending. 10 Tips to Save Money on your Christmas Gifts

Not sure what to buy, then take a look at my handy Christmas Gift Guide for some ideas. Christmas Gift Guide

Got all your gifts sorted but still need to wrap them?  Check out my 8 Top Tips to Save Money on Gift Wrapping.

Do you need a gift for a blogger?  Take a look at some of the products I made using a money making scheme I was trying out - Print on Demand - Fun Christmas Gifts for Bloggers

Two posts all about my Christmas Dinner.  The first one was the first time I had gingerly resorted to using some frozen products and the second one was the following year where I wholeheartedly embraced the frozen foods.

Our Stress Free Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner - Ready Prepared

So you've got wrapped all the presents, written all the cards, have your Christmas dinner bought and ready to cook?  Then you have time to have a read of this post which will help you get everything organised the night before to make sure you have time to enjoy Christmas Day.  Things to do Christmas Eve to save time Christmas Day

So let's save money and get organised together.

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Christmas Round Up 2018