16th Birthday

16th Birthday
Saturday saw us celebrating my eldest son’s 16th birthday. Sixteen! Really! I cannot believe it was 16 years ago that I went in to hospital to give birth to my first child. He, being 16, hates all mention of the fact that he was once a tiny baby.

He took great pleasure in telling us that now he is 16 he can buy a scratch card! Hmmm. He can, of course, also now smoke cigarettes, have an alcoholic drink with a meal, have sex and ride a moped. He swears blind that he won’t be doing any of them.

We asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday and offered to pay for him and some mates to go to the cinema and have a meal. He said he wanted to do something as a family and wanted to go to a trampoline park.

So at 8.30 am on Saturday morning we set off to Jump Giants. We had booked and completed our waivers online. We were instructed to arrive 15 minutes prior to our session, which we had booked for 10 am. Once you had checked in, we were led in to a briefing room where there was a short health and safety video given by a bear – brilliant for kids to watch and take in. Then it was off to the trampolines.

There were lots of different zones; open jump; basketball; dodgeball; wipeout; ninja; foam pit and an under 10s section. We tried them all, apart from the under 10s bit. We had a great time, especially when my husband did a massive jump into the foam pit and then couldn’t get out!

I must admit to feeling my age. You are just not as bouncy as you get older but you don’t realise until you do something like this.

Our session was one hour long and we had deliberate booked the first session of the day. This was definitely the best time to go. There were only a few other people there and you practically had free run. Once our session was over, we headed to the café for a drink. Then it was off towards home and to the pub for a meal.

We decided to head for a Hungry Horse pub and had a great meal. My husband and I had a mini mixed grill (it was huge), my youngest had a Rump steak and the birthday boy chose Cow Pie – this was huge! This was followed by desserts to share, as we couldn’t manage one between us ( and I didn’t get any pictures of those as they had been eaten before I remembered).

16th Birthday

Then it was time to head home. For once, no-one wanted any tea, but we did manage a piece of homemade banana cake which he had requested as his birthday cake, but no candles! He’s obviously too grown up for those now. We did sing Happy Birthday to him though!

We had a great day. It was the first time we had been to a trampoline park, it was something the eldest had wanted to do for a while, and another family memory has been made.

He won’t let me post a picture and I don’t think he reads this blog, so I will just say:

‘Happy Birthday Mate – we love you loads’.

He will now die with embarrassment, if he does read this, even though his mates are unlikely to read this or identify him lol.

16th Birthday