Barcelona, spain, catalan, holiday, Europe, sagrada familia, castelldefels, sitges, travel

Barcelona – Our 5th Visit

Barcelona, spain, catalan, holiday, Europe, sagrada familia, castelldefels, sitges, travel

Barcelona – one of my most favourite places in Europe.  In a few weeks we are off again to Barcelona.  This will be our fifth year running, as we just love the place.

My Husband and I did a lot of travelling when we first got together, in particular to European cities.  We are not really beach people.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to go to the beach, I love to swim in the sea.  What I don’t enjoy is just lying on the beach.  I need to be up and about and doing something.

Then along came children, a bigger mortgage and bigger bills and the travelling stopped.  We still had holidays, just in the UK, but the bug was still there.

Spare Income to Travel

We eventually got to a point in our lives where we had a bit of spare money to start venturing out again and this time it was great to have the boys with us and introduce them to the wonderful experiences that travelling to other countries gives you.  The first few trips we took were mini cruises.  However, eldest was desperate to go on a plane.

We started to look at the cost of flights etc and had various places in mind like Paris and Nice but they were quite expensive.  We were tied to travelling during the school holidays.  The one place that seemed to consistently have cheaper flights was Barcelona.  I mentioned this to the Husband but he was not impressed.  It just wasn’t a place that had been on our radar.


The more I looked into Barcelona, the more perfect it seemed.  It looked to be an amazing city AND it had some amazing beaches.  The flight prices remained competitive and in the end we decided to give it a go.  After all, what had we got to lose, we were only planning on going for 4 nights.

We had THE most amazing time there, hence why this year will be our fifth consecutive visit.  We are combining this year’s trip with a 3 night trip to Rome first and we will then fly from Rome to Barcelona.

More than a City, More than a Beach

As we don’t like sitting on the beach all day we usually go to the beach in the mornings and have a swim and a sunbathe.  We come off in time to get a bite to eat for lunch and then we are off sightseeing.  Sometimes we return to the beach in the evenings for more swimming and the kids hook-up with the locals for a football match.

This year we have a couple of specific things we wish to do:

  1. Sagrada Familia
  2. Castelldefels
  3. Boat trip


  1. Sagrada Familia

Not once, in all of the previous 4 times, have we been inside the Sagrada Familia.  We have visited the outside to view it but this year we are going to make the effort and get there early to avoid most of the queues.

  1. Castelldefels

We visited Castelldefels last year for the first time.  This was chosen as eldest son had been researching where the Barcelona FC players lived and he found out that Messi, Suarez and Neymar all had homes here.  We checked it out on google maps and it seemed like a nice seaside town to visit.  We made our way by train (it actually only cost €10 for ALL 4 of us, return from Barcelona to Castelldefels, which was around an hours train journey away).  We had a great time, it had a lovely beach, we didn’t see any footballers though and it had a lovely chicken restaurant/grill place that we ate at.  We all enjoyed it so much, we have decided to visit Castelldefels again this year.

  1. Boat Trip

We have never done a boat trip before, yet there are loads to choose from.  We fancy travelling a bit further down the coast, perhaps to somewhere like Sitges, which also looks nice.


The rest of the time we will be wandering around the city and chilling out in our favourite places.  Last year we found a couple of fantastic restaurants, a little off the beaten track, offering a three course lunch and a drink for just €9 each and we will definitely be heading back.

Roll on the holidays!

Where is your favourite place to visit?

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Barcelona, spain, catalan, holiday, Europe, sagrada familia, castelldefels, sitges, travel