A Trip to Coombe Country Park

On Sunday, as the weather was so nice (cold but bright and sunny) we decided to venture out as a family.  Obviously, we didn’t want to spend any money – well, as little as possible.  We are saving every spare penny towards our next trip – details to come soon.

We decided to go to Coombe Country Park.  We have visited lots of times and enjoy it each time we go.  Coombe is about 40 minutes drive from where we live, it is reasonably cheap to park – it cost us £2 for up to 2 hours – and although there are a few small shops, a café and a strategically placed Ice Cream Van, you really can get away with just the parking and petrol costs.  They even have a barbecue area which is great in the summer.

We took a football for the boys and they had a kick around upon arrival, whilst husband and I enjoyed our cup of coffee which we had brought from home in a flask.  Then it was off for a walk round.

There are some fantastic play areas, one for smaller kids and one for big kids.  There is big lake with lots of swans, ducks and geese that you can feed.  Remember to take your own bread – otherwise you will be buying the duck food available in the shop 🙂 .


On the walk around the grounds you will also come across a bird hide.  I love to pop in and sit for a while, waiting for an animal to appear and, although we have seen the odd bird and once even a mouse, we never seem to be there at the right time for anything really interesting.  It doesn’t stop me trying though.

It was really lovely to get out and about as a family and to visit such a great place for such a small cost.

Coombe Country Park