Year round colour in your garden frugally

Year Round Colour in Your Garden – Frugally

Year round colour in your garden frugally

Year Round Colour in Your Garden – Frugally

Just because the weather has turned Autumnal, it doesn’t mean that all thoughts of summer colour in the garden needs to end.  Find out how I am gradually adding in some year round colour in my garden - frugally!

Garden, not Gardening

I have to start off this post by saying that I love my garden.  At least, I love to look at it and sit in it.  I do not, however, love gardening.  If you are happy to spend hours pottering in your garden, then this probably isn’t the post for you.  However, if, like me, you are not a gardener then you might like to keep reading.

Money Saving and Money Making

To me gardening is just another extension of housework and as I work, have homework to do, dinner to make and then spend every minute of my spare time on money saving and money making, it has become important to reduce the amount of work needed in the ‘chores’ area of my life.  In fact, I wrote a post not long ago about making time for making money where a couple of the tips I had included fake plants and artificial grass (which I would love to have one day).

Hanging Baskets

It all started when we were given some hanging baskets.  We did the usual thing of filling them with compost and planting them with different, colourful plants.  At the end of the season we missed seeing the colourful plants each time we went in and out of the back door and so one day my Husband came home with some fake plants he had found on the market.

I was a little sceptical at first but we thought they looked great!  They were only £2 each and , so far, they have lasted around 3 years.  We bought more over the years and added to them.  Now we have beautiful, colourful hanging baskets all year round.

Year round colour in your garden frugally

Strawberry Planter

The next item to get the frugal fake plant treatment was my strawberry planter.  I had bought this years ago – to plant strawberries, believe it or not – but I could never get them to grow very well in there.  In the end it became a receptacle for trailing plants and eventually just moss.  I then shoved it to the back of the patio so it couldn’t be seen.

After moving some of the pots one day, so that husband could get to some bushes that needed trimming, I spotted the strawberry planter.  I loved the shape of the pot and really wanted it to be on display.  I also wanted something colourful, that wouldn’t shrivel up and die.  There was only one thing for it – a trip to the market for some fake flowers. 

The artificial flower stall at our local market has an amazing collection and a range with a budget to suit all pockets.  I chose some brightly coloured flowers and some lovely fake lavender (which I would like to get more of).

Once home, I dug out most of the soil and moss from the areas where I wanted to place the flowers.  You need to leave some in, as you need the weight to hold the pot steady if it’s windy or if it gets knocked (by boys with footballs!!) and also to poke your fake flower stems into.

I pushed all the flowers in to the pot and stood back to admire my work.  I think it looks great and it only cost a few pounds, took around 5 minutes of work and will last ages, long after the summer has passed.

Artificial Topiary Balls

This spurred me on and next on the list were some pots that had some annual plants in.  Now these didn’t take any work, once the plants had been planted, they came back year after year.  All they needed was a quick chop back at the end of the summer.  However, this meant that the pots were then empty and without colour all through the winter.

On a trip round our local Poundstretcher, I came across these lovely topiary balls.  They stocked a range of different sizes in either green or purple.  I bought two of the purple ones and two of the green ones and popped them on top of two of my pots.  I loved them!  These were a bit pricier at £4.99 each but I think they are well worth it.

Year round colour in your garden frugally
Large purple ball with smaller green/purple ball

I loved them so much that at the next available opportunity, I went back to Poundstretcher to buy some more.  Unsurprisingly, they had sold out but they did have some of the smaller green/purple ones.  I snapped these up and added them to two more pots.

Garden Centre Artificial Plants

Another purchase came from a local garden centre.  Now I usually find garden centres quite expensive and it wouldn’t have been somewhere I would have deliberately visited for fake plants.  This garden centre had the best value range I had seen and I was spoilt for choice and could have spent a fortune.  I didn’t though and just bought the one fake plant, complete with pot, for just £2.99.  I popped the whole thing, pot and all, into another empty pot to add to my year round colourful garden.

Year round colour in your garden frugally
Artificial plants in pots

I am really pleased with the difference they have made to my garden.  Most of these pots can be seen from my kitchen window and it really cheers me up to see them.  I plan to buy a few more as my real plants begin to die off.

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Year round colour in your garden frugally