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The Penny Challenge

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Are you looking for a money saving challenge?  Do you lose motivation and want a way to keep saving?  Then why not try The Penny Challenge?  It's a real simple way to save money and you can even have a little chart you can colour in as you go - nothing like a chart to keep you motivated!

The Penny Challenge

Money Challenges

I love to save money and make money and I am always setting myself little challenges throughout the year to help boost my savings and money making.  I find that by setting myself a challenge or target, it motivates me and helps me save more.

I have a few challenges that I am currently doing.  They are:

Challenge Type:                Make Money    

Challenge Details: Login every day to Prolific Academic to answer surveys .  I love Prolific Academic and have already made over £79 just from answering surveys.  You too can join in and sign up to Prolific Academic using my referral link .

Challenge Type:  Save Money   

Challenge Details:  Reduce my grocery spend to £90 per week and record progress on my Reduce My Grocery Spend Spreadsheet.  My grocery spend was going up and up and I decided to try to take it in hand.  By meal planning and using apps that share deals on free or reduced food that refund you for purchasing certain products, I am hoping that I can reduce my spend.

Challenge Type:  Save Money   

Challenge Details:  Project Kitchen  – I am saving a regular £10 per month and then saving as much extra as possible using techniques like saving my change or skimming my bank account.

A new Challenge - The Penny Challenge

I have now decided to add another challenge into the mix – the WOW Free Stuff Penny Challenge . 

It’s a really simple challenge where you save a certain amount each day for a year (the first day the amount is just 1p and the last day of the year is £3.65).  At the end of the year you will have saved £667.95.

Many people start these challenges in the New Year but I am going to start this now.  Each day I will log in to my online banking and transfer the required amount over to a separate account.  At the end of the year, I will add this to my Project Kitchen savings.  It will be a welcome boost to that account.

I have downloaded the Penny Challenge Sheet and will be colouring in each time I have transferred the money over.  It will be great to watch the sheet fill up!

Start the Challenge Today

Why not start today by popping just 1p in a jar, or transferring 1p into a separate account.  What will you do with £667.95 next year?

Why not pin this for later?

Text and a large image of a 1 penny

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