Saving for a New Kitchen – Project Kitchen Begins

saving for a new kitchen - project kitchen begins

I need a new kitchen – it’s not just a want it has become a need.  BUT I want to pay cash for the kitchen. I'm not going to get a loan as I would rather do without.  That means I will be saving for a new kitchen by setting myself some savings challenges.  This is not a quick fix, this will take time to save but I am determined to save every single penny required.

Existing Kitchen

We moved into our house over 10 years ago and the kitchen had been extended but was badly in need of replacing. The kitchen units were old – think 1980s – and consisted of mismatched units that had just been botched together. It was clear that the previous occupants had built the extension and then not had the money to finish it completely.

saving for a new kitchen

Ideas of Grandeur

The trouble was we had just taken on a larger mortgage ourselves and didn’t have the money to spend on the kitchen. On top of that I had ideas of grandeur. I wanted to completely remodel the kitchen.  This included putting in French Doors, where the window was, and removing the existing door and bricking it up. All in all, this meant ££££££££.

We didn’t have this kind of money so it was put on the back burner.

Other Expenses

Over the course of the following years we’ve had to replace the boiler, have a flat roof replaced by a pitched roof, have the main roof replaced, have the driveway done, had another child and both took part-time jobs instead of paying for childcare. It is only now the possibility that we could improve the kitchen has come back on the horizon.

More Simple Plans

The funny thing is I no longer want to do the major renovations that I thought I did. I have realised that the house we live in, although we are very happy here for the time being, is not where I want to live when I enter retirement (over 10 years ago I am not sure I would have even looked that far ahead).

Kitchen Plans and Goals

What I do want to do is replace all of the kitchen units, have new tiling and new flooring. This will still cost quite a bit of money but I am going to be looking in to all the available options to get the best value kitchen for my needs.

I am going to be trying out some saving challenges to help save the money quicker and I also need to declutter and rethink some of my current storage options.