Saving money whilst watching Premier League Football

Now it costs a lot to watch a match. An Adult season tickets can be in the £100s or £1000s - dependant on which club you follow.

To save money, this year we purchased only one adult season ticket and now take it in turns to go. This has worked really well for us. Not only did we save over £300 pounds in the process, we also get some 'me' time when we can have a couple of hours to ourselves.

The real money saving on match days though, is taking your own food and drink. A burger, hotdog or pie costs around £4.00! On top of that are drinks. So, I pack up three bags - one for each person - which includes a sandwich, crisps, juice (coffee for adults) cake and sweets. Their own little picnic - much cheaper and it can be tailored to individual tastes.

On night matches, especially during the winter months, it changes to hot chocolate and a hot pie - which I cook prior to leaving the house, wrap in foil and place in a thermal bag.

It works well and this saves us around £20 each match which we can save towards our travel budget.