How to revamp your garden furniture on a budget

Revamp your Garden Furniture on a Budget

How to revamp your garden furniture on a budget

Revamp your Garden Furniture on a Budget

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen the photo I posted of my revamped garden furniture.  It turned out so good.  I also received an interesting comment which made me decide to write a blog post about it.

The Garden Furniture

I have had this furniture for 9 years and it was not new.  My brother had owned it previously (I believe it had been a wedding present).  However, 9 years ago he decided to emigrate to Australia and so began the job of selling off most of his possessions – the garden furniture included.  He had owned the furniture for around 5 years by this time.

It was very good quality and it has certainly stood the test of time.  It has started to become a bit worn in places, some of the seat slats had started to move around and the legs on the table (and a couple of the most used chairs) had become wobbly.

I didn’t want to replace it as it was perfect for us and we would have just replaced it with exactly the same thing – but at a high cost.

The Garden Furniture Makeover

The first job to tackle was to fix all the wobbly joints and slats.  Some were easily fixed and just required the existing fixings tightening.  Others needed the addition of some metal brackets to give more support.

Then we set up a bit of a production line.  My husband started by sanding each individual item down, using an electric hand sander.  Not an expensive one, you can pick an electric hand sander up for around £15.

revamp your garden furniture on a budget - a wooden chair being sanded ready for paintingrevamp your garden furniture on a budget - an image showing added brackets to increase the stability

Once it had been sanded it moved on to me for painting.  I used Cuprinol Garden Shades, which although a bit pricier than other makes, is absolutely brilliant.  We use it for all our exterior wood which includes some fencing and three sheds.  It goes on brilliantly and last for ages.  It is also water-based, which is a definite advantage as I tend to get it all over me, no matter how careful I am!

Once my husband had finished all the sanding be joined in with the painting.  The table, two chairs and two benches took us around 4 hours from start to finish.

Buy Secondhand Furniture and Revamp

The comment that inspired me to write this post was:

"They look fab!  I'm on the hunt for some garden furniture, maybe I should buy some old stuff and up cycle."

I would definitely recommend this.  If you can find good quality wooden garden furniture you can follow the above steps and completely revamp it.  You will be left with great quality furniture which looks brand new and that only cost you a fraction of the price you could have paid.

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How to revamp your garden furniture on a budget