Make a Start – Savings Chart (Free Printable)

It can be difficult to stay motivated when you are trying to save money. Having something visual and tangible like a Savings Chart will really help you to achieve your savings goals. With this free printable savings chart, you can get started right away.

Free Printable Savings Chart

You can download this FREE printable savings chart to get you started on your journey to saving money.  Sign up to receive instant access to the PDF file which you can print as many times as you like.

Free savings chart

You can use this chart to save as much or as little as you want.  Just print it out and each time you have some money to save, colour in each box up to the corresponding amount you have saved.

If your goal is to save more than £100, split your total by 100 to work out the amount that each square will represent.

Savings Goal

You need a goal - that something you want or need to save for.  It could be a big goal like a deposit for a house, or a small goal like saving money for a meal out.  Whatever your goal, you need to start somewhere.

If you are finding it difficult to motivate yourself to save a large amount of money, try breaking it down into smaller chunks.  Let's say you need to save £5000 for a new car.  You can break this down into smaller, more manageable amounts:

1 x £5000 OR 10 x £500 OR 50 x £100 - focus on saving £100 at a time and it will soon mount up without feeling insurmountable.

Savings Pot

You will also need somewhere to put your savings.  This could be a transfer to a separate bank account or an envelope you keep somewhere safe.  But is has to be something that can be kept completely separate from any other monies.

There are some amazing savings tins, savings pots and savings jars out there.  Here's a few which are available on Amazon:

Save Regularly

Another way to make your savings grow quickly is to save regularly.  You could set up a standing order each month to move a specific amount of money to a separate bank account or aim to pop a regular amount in your savings pot.  Look at the examples below to see how saving just £1 per week can add up if you do this consistently for a year.

Saving this each week Will give you this much in one year
£1 £52
£5 £260
£10 £520

Make a Start - Savings Chart (free download)

So start now by downloading your FREE Savings Chart, identifying a savings goal, picking a regular amount to save and choosing a place to keep your savings.

Free savings chart

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