halloween, trick or treat, ghost, ghouls, halloween costumes, halloween decorations, frugal, frugal halloween

How I Plan to Have a Frugal but Frightening Halloween with Teens

halloween, trick or treat, ghost, ghouls, halloween costumes, halloween decorations, frugal, frugal halloween

Think your teens are too old for Halloween, then think again!



This year will be the first year where neither my eldest or youngest want to take part in Halloween. I don’t just mean the dressing up and trick or treating either. They no longer want to decorate the house or carve pumpkins. In fact, my youngest has declared that he doesn’t even want us to answer the door.

I know what this is all about. He has reached the teenage years, where to even have the chance of his ‘mates’ seeing him remotely interested in Halloween, has become ‘sooo embarrassing and not cool’.

Previous Halloween's

It is at times like this when you really notice the passing of time. That young child who was so excited on the way home from school at the thought of trick or treating. The one who would get changed into his costumes, even though there were still 3 hours to go before it got dark and we could go out into the neighbourhood.

So, I will grant them their wish. The house will not be decorated outside and we will not answer the door, we will not carve pumpkins or buy sweets. Just as they want!

But all will not be as it seems. After all, this is Halloween and we all know it is a time when spooky things happen.  I will be bringing a frugal but frightening Halloween to them!  Please note that the links included in this post are to things that I am going to purchase.  The links are also affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission if you were to purchase something too.  This does not affect any price that you will pay.

Scary Halloween Movie

Once they are home from school and college and have finished their homework, we will sit down to watch a scary movie. This will allow me to indulge in my favourite 80s horror films. In fact, Amityville will be perfect and I can get the original 1979 film on Amazon (affiliate).

My Favourite Frugal Halloween Decorations

I plan to decorate the house. Yes, I know I’ve promised them the house won’t be decorated and they won’t think it is. However, a few discretely placed items, like the selection below, will begin to add a little bit of spookiness to the proceedings.

This is from Wilko and it's only £1 for the Bloody Gel Handprint.  I'll probably order them online and use the FREE click and collect, as our local store is only a small one and they probably won't stock the whole range.

halloween, trick or treat, ghost, ghouls, halloween costumes, halloween decorations, frugal, frugal halloween


Take a look at this 3D Zombie Wall decal.  This will be perfect.  They both love zombie movies and games.  I need to think where I could put this that isn't 'in your face' obvious but somewhere where they will least expect it, so it will make them jump!  The gory human hand might be a bit gimicky, although I think it looks quite realistic but the Zombie door poster would work brilliantly, especially as all our internal doors are wooden! I think could go on the back of a door somewhere, so when they walk through it will then be behind them.  Should I be getting this much pleasure out of trying to scare my children??

Halloween Food and Drink

We will sip on these blood energy drink bags, which I absolutely love! They have the added advantage of begin reusable too.

We will eat hotdogs for tea and they will look just like these below. I found this and many other fabulous ideas on Pinterest. In fact, I have created a special Halloween Pinterest Board which you could follow by clicking the link.

I may go with jelly for dessert. After all, in comes in a multitude of colours. I really love this Brain Jelly Mould, although I wouldn’t class this as frugal, so won’t be buying one. I may just make a few different coloured jellies and chop them up and mix them.

With Amazon I will look for items that are included in Prime, as since joining Amazon Prime, it has saved me so much money on delivery costs. I also binged watched The Walking Dead – all 7 series. I loved it and can’t wait for series 8 to be released. In fact, that would have been ideal for Halloween.

Even though there will be no costumes for us this year, my teens will still be taking part in Halloween, they just don’t know it!

I will leave you with my Top Tip.

My Top Tip for Saving Money at Halloween

Buy your costumes, online, in the next size up either on Halloween eve or the day after. I did this two years running and managed to get costumes that were £12 up to Halloween for only £3 each the day after.

Happy Haunting!

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halloween, trick or treat, ghost, ghouls, halloween costumes, halloween decorations, frugal, frugal halloween