How we Saved £100 on Theatre Tickets

This is not a sponsored post, just hints and tips on what we have learned through our love of going to the theatre and trying to save money whilst doing so.

Saturday night saw us taking a trip to our local theatre .  We try to go to the theatre at least twice a year and a trip to watch the Christmas show has become a bit of a tradition.

Over the years we have seen:

  • The King and I
  • The Sound of Music
  • Sweeney Todd
  • Oliver
  • Sister Act
  • Peter Pan
  • Bugsy Malone

And I am sure there are others that I can’t remember right now!

Every single show has been amazing and some of the shows have cost just £4 per ticket!  The big show at our theatre this year is Grease and I just had to see it, having grown up watching the film.  There are a number of ways we use to save money on ticket prices:

Community Productions

Our local theatre shows productions by community groups.  These are fantastic shows, which contain actors from the local community and are a great way of seeing a top show for very little cost.  Oliver was the first community production we went to see and that cost us just £16 for the four of us.  The show was so good, I actually felt guilty that I had paid so little.  As these are put on at big theatres, they get to use all of their creative facilities meaning the sets are just as good as a big show.  We have paid various prices, ranging from £4 - £10 per ticket.

Choose your seats wisely

We’ve sat in lots of different seating locations over the years, even in the circle on the back row and the view (although a distance away) has been amazing.  When the kids were small, the back row was always a favourite as it meant they could stand up if their view wasn’t too good, although theatres do have booster seats available for free.

Public Dress Rehearsals

The day before the first performances start, theatres have public dress rehearsals.  It is not always guaranteed that these will go ahead, but most times they do.  Tickets are on sale from 12 noon for a showing that afternoon/evening and can only be bought in person from the ticket office.  However, at £1 per ticket – it is a chance not to be missed.  Unfortunately, due to work commitments, I have never managed to take advantage of these offers.

Preview Nights

This is our most popular way of getting discounted tickets for the theatre.  The first night of any show is classed as a ‘preview’ night.  Tickets are slashed to around half price for these performances.  As an example, Saturday night’s tickets for Grease cost us £20 each.  If we were to book the exact same seats for next Saturday the price rises to £45 each – meaning we saved £100! 

Take your own drinks and snacks

You have managed to bag bargain tickets, don’t go and blow your savings on drinks and snacks whilst watching the show!  Prices aren’t too bad at our theatre, they do a glass of coke for £1.50 but even that can add up to £12 if you had a drink before the show started and one at the interval for 4 people.  It would obviously cost more for alcoholic drinks.  We take snacks and small drinks to have during the interval, which also means you don’t have to spend the interval time in a queue.  TOP TIP – if you do want to purchase a drink during the interval, you can usually pre-order and pay for these at the bar before the performance starts, meaning you just need to collect them during the interval.  You can also, at our theatre anyway, take your drinks and snacks into the auditorium.

Get news of shows and offers early

To take advantage of offers from your local theatre, sign up to their mailing or emailing list and be the first to find out about new shows and available discounts.

 Are you going to the theatre this Christmas? 

What shows are on where you are?