How to have a frugal valentines - Pink floating hearts

How to Have a Frugal Valentine’s

How to have a frugal valentines - Pink floating hearts

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, all thoughts turn to trying to find the perfect gift for your loved one. Which is great - but not if you are trying to save money. Don’t worry, I have some great ideas for you to use.

How to have a Frugal Valentine's

Valentine’s Day falls only a few weeks after the excesses of Christmas. If you overspent at Christmas and are trying to replenish your savings account or trying to put every penny you can towards your credit card bill, how can you possibly get a Valentine’s gift for your partner that won’t break the bank or your motivation?

Here’s something to think about before you start planning for Valentine's Day

If you are like my husband and I who don’t get to spend much quality time on our own, even sitting down to watch a film together becomes a treat.

Remember the old saying – ‘It’s the thought that counts’? Try to remember this sentiment and think outside the box rather than just BUYING another gift.

7 Ways you can have a Frugal Valentine's


1. What does your partner love to do?

Is there something that your partner really enjoys doing like visiting that museum you find really boring. Treat him to a visit – most museums are free.

2. Cook a special Valentine's meal at home

Don’t waste your hard earned cash on a flash meal out. Make a meal at home special by creating an invitation to give your partner, set the table, light candles, create place cards and menus.

If you are cooking the meal yourself you could make your partners favourite foods. If you can’t cook or don’t want to cook, a takeaway would be cheaper than a restaurant. To make it special you can still send an invitation and set the table though.

3. Have a Valentine's movie night in

Create your own cinema tickets and give them as a gift for your partner. Then sit down to watch your favourite film together. Dim the lights, tuck into a tub of ice cream or a carton of popcorn and snuggle up together.

4. Create a Valentine's music playlist

A collection of your partners favourite songs or songs that represent your relationship and make a playlist. A wonderfully romantic way of celebrating your relationship.

5. Valentine's gift box of your partners favourite things

Gather together a collection of your partners favourite things like smellies, chocolates, drink. Wrap them individually and place them in a nicely decorated box.

6. A Valentine's Book of Promises

Make a little book of promises. Think of special things that you will ‘promise’ to do for your partner. Write or type each one on a separate sheet of paper and clip together. Put a nice cover on and tie with a bow.

7. Valentine's Photo Book or Photo Frame

Dig out your favourite images of the two of you together and present these either in a frame or as a photo book.

What if you are not on the same frugal page?

If you partner is not on board with your frugal journey, it can be difficult when it comes to occasions like Valentine’s Day. If your partner is planning on spending a lot of money on you and you feel you should do the same, then you may have to chalk this year up to experience. However, add occasions like this to your budget and you can save small amounts throughout the year.

Plan for Valentine’s Days of the future

No matter what the occasion, those that come around annually often catch us out. It’s surprising really as they tend to happen around the same time each year, yet we don’t always plan for them in advance. Take Christmas, for example.

Needing to purchase an unplanned for gift can throw your budget right out. Think about the amount you would like to spend, divide this by 12 and save this amount each month. If you prefer to save weekly you can divide the amount you wish to save by 52 instead.

Get a FREE Valentine's Savings Chart

To add a little bit of fun into your saving I have created a FREE Valentine’s Savings Chart for you to download.

Valentine's Savings Chart - White background with a red boarder, In the centre is a collection of 52 hearts which form the shape of a heart which can be coloured in as you save

How will you celebrate Valentine's Day?

I’d love to know how you celebrate Valentine’s Day. My husband and I will combine two of the above – we will have an Iceland Takeaway and watch a film together. Simple things are sometimes the best.

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How to have a frugal valentines - Pink floating hearts