How to have a cheap day at the seaside - an image of a white sandy beach with a beautiful blue sea

How to have a Cheap Day at the Seaside

How to have a cheap day at the seaside - an image of a white sandy beach with a beautiful blue sea

How to have a Cheap Day at the Seaside

I love going to the beach.  A day out at the seaside is a fantastic way to spend some quality time together as a family.  Even the teenagers love it – although they might not admit it!  Some day trips can be expensive, but here are my top tips to have a cheap day out at the seaside.


If you leave close to the beach then this one is easy and cheap.  Unfortunately, I live miles away from any beach, so transport costs always have to be taken into account.

We mostly use the car, so factor in the cost of petrol.  However, it is worth looking at coach trips, as you can sometimes find some amazing bargains for a day trip.

If you plan to use the train, booking your tickets a few weeks in advance will almost certainly get you the best deals.

If you are old enough to have a bus pass, then look into using that.  A friend of mine recently travelled from Northampton to Swanage in Dorset, approximately 160 miles,  for FREE.  It required some planning and checking of bus routes across each county he passed through, but he managed to do it within a day (an early start and a late finish). 


Taking your own rather than eating out is obviously the cheapest way to go.  Packing a picnic or taking food in a food flask is a great way to provide everyone with some great tasting food that won’t break the bank.

If you can’t carry everything with you, then pop in to the local supermarket when you get there to stock up.


Buying drinks from cafes or kiosks may be convenient but it can be a real drain on your finances.  Don’t waste all your money when you can take a flask, take your own or buy them in bulk from the local supermarket.


A day out can cost a fortune if it requires you to pay for activities.  That’s the beauty of a day at the beach.  If the weather is good there are a multitude of free activities which will keep every member of your family happy:


Completely free and great for any age as long as young children are accompanied at all times


A fantastic way to burn off a little energy after the trip there.  If swimming is your goal, head for a beach that has its own lifeguard in situ and watch for the warning flags.


This is my family’s favourite thing to do at the beach.  We can spend hours trying to catch crabs.  All you need is some crab nets, some bait and a bucket so you can admire the crabs you have caught.  Remember to put them back in the sea when you have finished.

Building Sandcastles

You can buy cheap buckets and spades near the beach, so there is no need to worry about getting these before you go.  Obviously, once you have bought them you will have them ready for any return trips you decide to have.

Collecting shells

My youngest used to love to walk up and down the beach with me collecting shells.  We use to collect them up in a bucket and then take lay them out on the sand to create pictures. 

Playing Football

Having two boys this is generally the very first thing they do when we hit the beach.  We always take our own football with us, but again, you can buy them fairly cheaply once there.


Another cheap item to purchase, which will give you loads of fun on the beach.  You will also be able to use this at the park after your trip.

And loads more!


If the distance to the seaside is too far for you to travel there and back in one day, you may wish to consider an overnight stay.

Booking in advance or picking accommodation on the outskirts can be an easy way to save money.  Just watch out for hidden extras which can include parking charges, supplements for more than two adults in a room or late arrival.

All that’s left is for you to head out, with your family in tow, and enjoy a great day out without breaking the bank.

How to have a cheap day at the seaside - an image of a white sandy beach with a beautiful blue sea