How to Get the Kitchen of Your Dreams without Going Broke

How to Get the Kitchen of Your Dreams without Going Broke - picture of a lovely modern white and dark wood kitchen

How to Get the Kitchen of Your Dreams without Going Broke

The kitchen – one of the most used rooms in our home, and the one that shows its age the easiest. There’s not much you can do with your kitchen without spending a fortune, right? Actually, that’s wrong. Even if you only have £50, you can make changes to your kitchen that will give it a new lease of life, and if you have a little bit more money to spend, you could find yourself with a new kitchen for a fraction of the showroom cost.

Low Budget – Renovation

Renovation sounds like a big (and expensive!) word but if you start off small; you can spread the cost and not have to spend a fortune.

A tin of paint can cost less than £20, and can make an enormous difference to your kitchen – you could paint your cabinets or your walls. This works particularly well if you have a wooden shaker kitchen, as this style of unit is more accepting of paint. Just make sure to sand the units down before you paint and apply primer, as this will ensure your paint job stands the test of time.

From there, you can change the handles of your cupboards – scour through eBay or visit your local DIY store. You could opt for modern chrome handles, or go for brass handles for a vintage look.

If you are inspired by contemporary kitchens, consider installing undercabinet lights – you will be amazed at the difference they make to both your cooking, and the general ambience of your kitchen as a space to cook, eat and relax.

If you’re smart, you could do a project a month and in six months time, have a kitchen that looks totally different without breaking the bank.

Medium Budget – Used Kitchen

If you have more money to spend (anywhere from £3000 upwards), you can get a great quality used kitchen.

Sometimes, homeowners get rid of kitchens because they are not to their taste, but that doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t be perfect for someone else. That’s where Used Kitchen Exchange comes in. They assess used kitchens for their quality and take professional photos before uploading them to their website. You can browse the website, find your ideal kitchen whatever your taste (modern, country-style etc) and arrange to view it.

Once you’ve made an offer, Used Kitchen Exchange can arrange for the kitchen to be professionally removed and it can be delivered to you for an extra fee. Most of the kitchens come with appliances to save you more money. It’s always recommended to buy a kitchen which is slightly too big for your space as this allows room for reconfiguration.

If you’d like to make some money back, you can also sell your kitchen with Used Kitchen Exchange.

There’s no need to splash out on a fancy showroom kitchen and have to make savings just to make the repayments – a kitchen that you love could be in touching distance without breaking the bank!

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