Free Food with an Iceland Bonus Card

How to Get free food with an Iceland Bonus Card

Have you got an Iceland Bonus Card? 

iceland food, iceland bonus card, free food, free delivery, icelandIt is really easy to get your Iceland Bonus Card .  You can either ask next time you are in store or apply online.  If you ask in store, you will be issued with a temporary card immediately which you will be able to use straight away. 

To obtain your permanent card, you will need to register online.   Again, this is really easy to do and you will receive your card within a couple of weeks.  You can, of course, continue to use your temporary card in the meantime, so you won’t miss out on any offers.  You will also be sent a very handy miniature version which can be attached to your key ring.   

The benefits of an Iceland Bonus Card

Free Delivery – If you spend £35 or more in-store or online, you can get all your Iceland shopping delivered direct to your home for free the next day.  You can even pick the most convenient time slot for your delivery. 

Savings – You will receive regular emails from Iceland and be the first to hear of any exclusive offers they have.  For example, during the run up to Christmas Iceland were discounting certain brands.  I was pleased to see an email from them with the offer for Aunt Bessie’s Yorkshire Puddings for only 50p per pack and picked up two, as I was very near my local Iceland at the time. 

Free Food with an Iceland Bonus Card

As a bonus card holder, you can enjoy exclusive offers and bonuses.  In the past we have had free pizza and free ice cream.  Recently I received another email.  This time we could choose from free vegetables or free frozen dessert.  It was a really tough choice – ahem – and we chose the dessert! The next time we shopped there the till automatically printed out our voucher and we were able to select a free frozen dessert to the value of £2 and this is what we picked:

Get Free Food with an Iceland Bonus Card

Free Money with an Iceland Bonus Card

You can even save cash on your card.  When shopping, all you need to do is tell the cashier how much you would like to save on your card.  Imagine saving just £2 per week for a year.  You would have over £100 to spend.  You can 'spend' it at any time by paying for your purchases with it. 

Ask the assistant to round up your spend to the nearest £1 each time you shop and it is surprising how quickly this adds up without you even noticing.  

In addition, for every £20 you save on your card, Iceland will add £1 absolutely free! That's a 5% saving.

Online Shopping

You can also shop online at Icelandshop online at Iceland and you can use your bonus card online in exactly the same way and you can save money onto the card by clicking ‘Top Up’ in Manage your Account.  To use the balance it is even easier.  Each time you spend online, at checkout you will be able to choose to ‘spend’ some or all of your balance towards the total of your shopping.  

Imagine how easy Christmas, or indeed any occasion, would be if you saved online each week.  Then ordered your food online, ‘spent’ your saved balance (which may even cover it all) and had it delivered to your door.  See this post where I had a 'Stress Free Christmas Dinner' by making the most of frozen food and not having to spend ages washing, chopping and making the different elements.  It was delicious too and I will definitely be making the most of frozen food next year.  In fact some of the foods have become regulars on our menu.

Next time you are in Iceland, pick up your bonus card and start using it straight away.  

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