How to find the best deals at Boots - an image of a yellow post it note with deal of the day written on it

How to Find the Best Deals at Boots

How to find the best deals at Boots - an image of a yellow post it note with deal of the day written on it

Boots is quite often the number one place we head for when looking for anything medical, beauty or baby wise.  Here’s how to find the best deals at Boots in-store and online.

How to Find the Best Deals at Boots

These days we need to make our money stretch as far as possible, so it is important to shop around for the best deals.  However, there are certain items that I won’t buy from anywhere else and when my children were younger, I was in there all the time. 

A little bit of forward planning and you can ensure that next time you shop at Boots, you will be getting the best deal.

Boots Advantage Card 

This is a must have loyalty card and here are the reasons why:

Advantage Card Points

You can sign up either online or in-store and start collecting points straight away.  You get 4 points for every £1 you spend, so the points can add up really quickly.  It’s easy to keep track of how much you have accrued as each point is worth 1p.  You can redeem your points for any of the items that Boots sells, either online or in store.

Saving:  Collect points and buy items for free

Boots Personalised Offers

Boots will regularly send you personalised offers to you either by email or via the App.  This could be anything from Buy One Get One Free offers to discounts.  Make sure you check your offers before you shop.

Saving:  Personalised offers on the things that you buy

Boots Parenting Club

This is exclusive to Advantage Card holders and is for anyone who has a baby or child up to the age of 3.  As a member of the Parenting Club you can get 10 points per £1 on any baby products that you buy, as well as a free magazine.

Saving:  Additional points which can be redeemed against any Boots items and a FREE magazine

Boots Health & Beauty Magazine

This is another freebie for Boots Advantage Card holders.  Not only do you get a magazine to read, you will find lots of coupons inside which can be used at Boots.

Saving:  Free magazine and discount coupons

More Treats for over 60s

Another exclusive for Advantage Card holders and this time it’s for the over 60s.  As a member you will get 10 points per £1 plus extra discounts on Boots Hearing Care and Opticians.

Saving:  Extra points and discounts


Boots have some great sales.  I personally think the best is their 75% sale which they have at Christmas – great for those of us who like to buy next year’s gifts in the sales.  Even before Christmas you can find great 3 for 2 deals on their Christmas gifts.

Black Friday marks the start of Boots Cyber weekend sale where you can find great deals across the store.  With a bit of planning you can bag all your Christmas gifts in one fell swoop.


Groupon has a whole page dedicated to great deals on top Boots products.  You can find things like the offer of the day, double advantage points deals, free delivery and half price offers, all in one place.

Cashback websites

You may also be able to combine offers with cashback websites like Quidco or TopcashBack.

Plan ahead

Next time you know you have to pop in to Boots or to, do a bit of planning.  Think about what you need to buy and check to see if you can find any deals using the above tips.

What are you top tips for finding the best deals?  Let me know in the comments.

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How to find the best deals at Boots - an image of a yellow post it note with deal of the day written on it


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