Get Set to Picnic - an image of my newly organised picnic cupboard

Get Set to Picnic with a Picnic Station

Get Set to Picnic - an image of my newly organised picnic cupboard

Get Set to Picnic with a Picnic Station

Days out don’t have to cost a fortune.  You can make some easy savings by having picnics.  You can provide something for everyone, including picky eaters and they are a really cost effective way of keeping the family fed.  Trips to the park or to the beach can be made even easier with a picnic station.

What is a picnic station?

It’s something I made up.  It is a place where you can store all of your picnic ware, ready to be pulled out and packed at a moment’s notice.

I don’t know about you, but I realised I have my picnic ware dotted around my kitchen and cupboards.  The flasks are in the cupboard on the left, the Tupperware in the cupboard to the right of the cooker and the plastic plates are in a bag stored under the stairs.

This means that when we decide we want to take a picnic on our days out, I inwardly groan.  Getting the food together is easy but collecting up all the bits and pieces needed can take twice as long and then I usually forget something.

This year I decided it would be different.  I would collect all of the items I needed for a family picnic and store them all together, ready to grab at a moments notice.  Not only would it save time, it would also ensure that we didn’t forget anything crucial – like the time we had yogurts and no spoons to eat them with!

If you want to set up your own picnic station, follow these 5 steps:

Create a Space

Before you go pulling all of your picnic paraphenalia out, you need to think about the space where you will keep it all.  I had one cupboard that had become a bit of a gadget graveyard (a place where I kept the kitchen gadgets I no longer used but couldn’t bear to part with).  I decluttered this cupboard and gave it a good clean whilst I was at it.

Gather all your picnic items together

Next collect together all of your picnic items.  From food flasks to cutlery and plates to cool bags.  Think about how to store these items.  For example, the cutlery could be stored inside one of the coolbags. 

An image showing a collection of flasks and food flasks         An image showing green plastic picnic plates, bowls and cutlery

Store them in order of use

Store items in the order that you will use them.  For example, my food flasks are behind my drinks flasks, as I will use the drinks flasks more often than the food flasks.

Remember the extras

I have also included a plastic tablecloth, a picnic blanket and some paper napkins.  A few little extras to make the picnic special.


We keep a bag ready to grab that holds a football, a Frisbee, bat and ball and boule.  These are suitable to everyone to play, no matter what age and are the perfect accompaniment to a picnic.

So the next time you fancy a day out, pack your food, grab your picnic ware and your games bag and you are good to go.  When you return, remember to clean and pack all of your picnic items back into your picnic station, ready for the next trip.

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Get Set to Picnic - an image of my newly organised picnic cupboard