Print your Photos for Free - an image of a collage of brightly coloured photographs

Free Photo Printing

Print your Photos for Free - an image of a collage of brightly coloured photographs

Free Photo Printing

Do you want to print the photos you have on your mobile device, Instagram or Facebook?  Do you want to print them for free, paying only for the cost of delivery?  Then check out this post to find out how.

Print Your Photos for Free

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always got loads of photos on my phone and across my social media.  It’s so easy these days to snap away but what happens to them after that.

Maybe you upload them to your laptop or pc.  Maybe you keep them in the Cloud.  What if you could have an app on your phone where you can select the images you would like to print and then sit back and wait for them to be delivered straight to your door?  For free – you would just need to pay for delivery!

Well, with FreePrints you can!

FreePrints App

The FreePrints App is available via the App Store and Google Play.  It is free to download and, at the time of writing, has 85.8k 5 star reviews. 

When I downloaded the app it offered me free delivery for my first order of up to 10 6x4 prints.  The offer was due to expire the following day though, so I had to use it quickly.

Images from your Device, Social Media and The Cloud

Not only can you print the photos you have any of your devices, you can also connect up your Instagram and Facebook accounts and print images from there.

You can even connect to Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Amazon and Flickr.

How to Print your Photos

Once you have allowed the app to access your photos and/or connected it to your social media accounts, you just tap the images you wish to select for printing.

Select ‘next’ and it will show you how the image will look once printed.  At this stage you are able to crop the image or remove it entirely from your selection.  You can even amend the chosen size but sizes other than 6x4 incur charges.  You can choose to have matt instead of glossy, but this will apply to the whole set of photos you are ordering.

Sign Up for a free FreePrints Account

You will need to sign up for a free account.

How many free prints do I get?

You can get up to 500 free prints per year.  All you pay for is the delivery cost which will be between £1.49-£3.99 (June 2018).

What’s the Catch?

Honestly, I couldn’t see any.  The offer of free prints comes with some minor restrictions:

  • Free prints are only available as 6x4 prints. Other sizes are available but you will need to pay for these.
  • You can have up to 500 free 6x4 prints per year – you will need to pay for any additional prints you order
  • There is a limit of 45 prints per month – you will need to pay for extra prints over and above this limit or wait until you get the next month’s allocation
  • You need to pay for delivery (as mentioned above)

What is the quality like?

The prints are great quality.  They are printed on either Kodak or Fuji paper.  You can even choose whether you have matte or glossy finish.


You can pay with most major credit or debit cards and even with PayPal.

My FreePrints Review

I decided to give FreePrints a try so that I could write about my experiences.  I downloaded the app, gave it access to my phone and social media accounts and selected the images I wanted to print. 

I had a couple of images that were from Instagram and were square.  I could have had these as part of my free print allowance but they would have come on 6x4 photo paper and would have had white areas at the sides.  I decided to pay the 19p per print to try them as 5x5 prints.

I signed up for my account, which was straight forward.  I chose to pay by PayPal.  As soon as I had placed my order, I got a confirmation email.  I placed the order on a Saturday (5 May) and by Monday (7 May) I had received another email to say my photos had been printed and would be on their way.  It also informed me that the prints would be delivered by Royal Mail and that I should receive them by 15 May.

I actually received my prints on the Wednesday (9 May) just 4 days later.

Here are my prints:

I am really impressed and am now recommending FreePrints to everyone.

Free PhotoBook

In addition to Free Photo Printing, there is also a FreePrints Photobook App from the same company which offers FREE Photobooks.  You can get one free 7x5 photobook per month - you just need to pay for delivery.

Print your Photos for Free - an image of a collage of brightly coloured photographs