Free Food with Shopmium

Image shows supermarket shelves with food

Shopmium is an easy to use app for your mobile phone which pays you for buying certain foods. Want to know more, then check out this post which explains it all.

Free Food with Shopmium

What is Shopmium?

Shopmium is an app that is available both on the App Store and on Android. The app shows you which items of food it has on offer and gives you full details of where you can purchase it. You simply buy the item, scan the barcode, upload your receipt and claim your money back.

What kind of products can you get?

New products can appear on the app at any time, so you need to be checking in regularly.

Right now, at the time of writing, the app is telling me there is a total of £41 of cashback available. The kind of products available right now are: Cake mix, cold pressed juice, laundry detergent, biscuits, milkshake, water, coffee bags, bread, fruit gummies.

Are all the products free?

Many of the items are free, some are at a reduced price. For example, the bread is buy 3 loaves and get £1 cashback.  Purchasing and uploading your receipt after buying one of the bottles of water, would refund you 60% of the purchase price.

Where do I need to purchase the products?

Each offer has specific requirements as to where the product should be purchased. The cake mix mentioned above, is eligible for purchase from Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Co-op. However, the cold pressed juice is only available at Waitrose.

As long as you have some of the big supermarkets nearby, there will be something available for you.

Why are they giving food away for free?

Essentially it is a marketing tool for big brands. When they have a new product, they can easily advertise it for free or for a discount on this app to a targeted set of potential customers.

Can I save money by using Shopmium?

The answer is most definitely yes!

It’s not for you if:

  • you have to spend money getting to the supermarkets to purchase the items in the first place.
  • The item is not free, only discounted, and it’s something that you wouldn’t like or use

You will love it if:

  • You have supermarkets nearby and can pop in regularly when items appear on the app (some have a time limit)
  • Would be purchasing the discounted items anyway

Shopmium Referral

If you think Shopmium is for you, I’d love it if you’d sign up using my referral code u5xy7. I will receive some cashback and you will receive a free gift – at the moment it is free Nutella!

Remember to pop back and let me know what free goodies you manage to bag.

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Image shows supermarket shelves with food