Image showing two different food flasks and some colourful plastic picnic cutlery

Food Flask – How One Can Save You Money

Image showing two different food flasks and some colourful plastic picnic cutlery


It is coming to the time of year when my thoughts wander to all the days out and picnics we will have during the warmer weather.  Picnics are a great way to save money on days out and since discovering a food flask, are no longer filled with limp sandwiches.

Food Flask - How One Can Save You Money


What is a Food Flask?

A food flask is a flask which has a wider mouth than a regular flask.  It works in exactly the same way as a normal flask, keeping food warm (rather than drinks).  This makes them ideal for school packed lunches, taking your lunch to work, or my favourite – Picnics!

I currently have two food flasks – a (affiliate link) stainless steel one and a (affiliate link) microwaveable one - this isn't the same as mine but mine is quite a few years old now and they have obviously improved the design.

How do you use a food flask?

To keep food warm, you need to pre-heat your flasks prior to putting in your hot food.  The microwaveable flask requires pre-heating in the microwave.  To pre-heat the stainless steel one, I like to put in a little boiling water from the kettle for a couple minutes before filling.

Then you can pop in your hot food, screw on the lid and your food will stay warm for a couple of hours.

What foods can I put in my food flask?

You can put absolutely anything in your food flask.  You could even put in last night’s leftovers.

Here are some of the foods we have taken on picnics in our food flasks:


Pre-heat your food flask whilst heating your hot dog sausages.  Place your sausages into your food flask and screw on the lid (I like to pour in a little of the liquid too).  Take your hot dog buns and your ketchup and you have ready to eat hotdogs for lunch.


I have taken two types of pasta in my food flask and both have been great.  The first is a homemade pasta which is carried in my pre-heated food flask.  Take some bowls and cutlery, pack some grated cheese in a tub and you have a warm meal for your picnic.

I have also used those pasta packets you can buy from the Supermarket – you know, the ones that you add hot water to.  These are brilliant in a food flask.  All you need to do is pre-heat your food flask, tip in the contents of the packet and add hot water (as per the instructions).  Give it a good stir, pop on the lid and it will cook whilst you enjoy your trip.


Make your favourite curry, pop the curry in one flask and add accompaniments like onion bhajis in another, if you have two.  Wrap up some naan breads and you have a feast.  You could even take poppadoms and dips too.


Couscous is great in a food flask too, as it will cook whilst you enjoy your day out.  You can either make your own flavours, or buy the flavoured packet ones from the supermarket.

I sometimes like to use couscous instead of rice.

Chilli and Wraps

This is one of my favourite meals to have at home, so I love to use my food flask to take this ‘out’ too.  I make my favourite homemade chilli – pop this in my food flask.  Then take a packet of wraps, some grated cheese, sour cream and any other accompaniments you’d like to add.

How Could You Use Yours?

The only limit is your imagination.  I can't wait for the weather to improve as we will be able to go out and about more and the food flasks will be coming with us.  No more soggy sandwiches!

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Image showing two different food flasks and some colourful plastic picnic cutlery