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Five Fabulously Frugal Things I’ve Done This Week – 29 April – 5 May

frugal, five frugal things, saving, saving money, money saving

Yes, I have another five fabulously frugal things to report this week!

1. Five No Spend Days

Even though there was a Bank Holiday at the beginning of the week, we still managed 5 No Spend Days.  This can again be attributed to the fact that we are on full steam ahead with GCSE revision.  I think it is safe to say that being in a GCSE year is brilliant for saving money, as we need to spend every spare moment with our heads in books.  I'm learning loads and it's not me that's taking them!

2. Cycled Every Day

Again, I cycled to work and back every day this week and we only need to use the car once at the weekend.  This means that we did not need to put any petrol in the car, so that's £20 for the savings pot.

3. Free Coffee at McDonalds

We did pop out for our favourite past-time on the Bank Holiday - for a cup of coffee.  Rather than go to our usual coffee shop, my husband had been saving the McDonalds stickers and he had enough for two free cups of coffee.

4. Bought a lipstick from Poundland

I needed a new lipstick and was on my way to Boots to buy my usual brand.  On the way I passed Poundland and decided to pop in.  I was surprised to see they had a make-up range.  The lipsticks looked really nice and for only £1 I decided I would give it a try.  I have been really pleased with it and this has saved me around £3.

5. Fidget Spinner

After declaring Fidget Spinners boring and that he couldn't see the point of them, the latest craze finally got to my youngest.  He decided it was worth spending his pocket money on.  We decided to look on eBay, found the one wanted, at a great price (only £3.99 including delivery) and with a short delivery date and added it to the basket.  As I went to pay, I was surprised to find there were still some funds in my PayPal account, as I hadn't used this account for ages, so I decided to treat him.  It was delivered yesterday and, so far, it has not left his hand.  I have to admit, I just can't help picking it up and giving it a quick spin!

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frugal, saving,money saving, five frugal things


  1. My children haven't started pestering me for fidget spinners yet, but I fear it's only a matter of time!

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