Five frugal things

Five Fabulously Frugal Things I’ve Done This Week

five fabulously frugal thingsWelcome to my weekly update where I like to account for any successful money saving we managed, any money making ideas I tried, how many No Spend Days (NSDs) happened (which is a personal challenge) and any ‘Good Buys’ I made.  Although my ultimate goals are to save money and make money, there are many times when money does have to be spent, I just like to make sure that I have got the best deal for the best quality.

1.Money Saving

This week we finally took the plunge and signed up to change Broadband supplier (read that as ‘we had finally had enough of the kids complaining about how slow the connection was whilst gaming’!).  This actually turned out to be money saving for us in three ways!

  • Although we are going from standard broadband to fibre broadband, for 12 months our monthly cost will be reducing by £4 per month.
  • The package we have includes a TV box (with only the standard TV package).  This is money saving as our current Freeview+ box is coming to the end of its life. I had looked  into replacing this and it would cost around £200 (as a one-off fee).
  • I used Quidco when changing Broadband supplier and earned £40 in cashback.  See my post on reasons to join Quidco here.

2.Money Making

We received £3.50 in Tesco Clubcard Vouchers.  We don’t receive many these days as we are no longer loyal to just one supermarket.  However, it all adds up and these vouchers will be saved towards the purchasing of food for Christmas.

3.No Spend Days

I like to challenge myself to at least 5 No spend days per week and this week I actually managed 6!  That was due to the fact that eldest son, who is in his GCSE year,  had  tests on this week, so we didn’t leave house last Sunday and helped him with his revision.

4.Good buys

Around blogland, I had spotted posts about some of the Christmas items that were appearing in Poundland.  Last Saturday we went off to our local store and found

Terry’s Chocolate Oranges for £1 and snapped up 4 for stocking fillers.  I also bought a lovely A5 2017 diary in Poundland £1 – this will be put away as a gift for me from the kids.

We then popped in to Aldi and found Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Advent Calendars for £1.99 each in Aldi, so bought 2.

In The Card Factory, we bought a small 2017 diary for 49p from The Card Factory for Husband, again as a gift from the kids.

5.Saving/Using the Change

We then used the change from the weekly shop to by two net bags of Christmas Santa and snowmen chocolates ready to be put in the wooden advent calendar.

That’s it for this week.  Let me know, in the comments below, how your week went.


Five Frugal Things


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