Five Fabulously Frugal Things I’ve Done This Week

We went into town to do our Christmas shopping last weekend. I earned £2.47 in cashback on a purchase I made instore via Quidco. This is because I have my debit and credit cards registered with them, so whenever I go into a store that offers ‘instore’ cashback and make a purchase, the cashback is automatically tracked to my Quidco account.

2.Shopping around
After looking for a Nike hoodie and son being ‘shocked’ by the price (£85) as mentioned in this post, by trying a couple of different shops, in the same shopping centre, he found an almost identical Nike hoodie for £45.

Tuesday night saw us rushing around, with both the dentist and a football match to watch. Despite trying to plan a meal at home for after the dentist and before we needed to leave for the football, timings were not in our favour. We decided, much to the kids delight, that we would get ‘fast food’ and, although eating out is not really a frugal option, we remembered some Subway vouchers we had, so used those towards the cost, saving us just over £6.

4.Black Friday Deals
Now you wouldn’t normally find me actively taking part in any Black Friday activities, preferring to shop at my own leisure and not being drawn in to any ‘amazing’ bargains that I can’t live without. However, one of my favourite companies – Lonely Planet – emailed to say that they were doing a Buy One Get One Free offer on anything within their online store and with having two future trips planned – Berlin at the end of this year and Rome next Summer – I went straight online and purchased both and made a saving of £7.99!

5. Freebie from a friend
A brilliant friend at work gave me a lovely red bag from Warehouse. It even had the tags on it! I will be using it tonight when we go to the Theatre.

How did you week go?

Five Fabulously Frugal Things


  1. OOh i am rather hugely in love with your bag! Thanks for linking up to #5frugalthings

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