five fabulously frugal things, frugal, sving, money saving

Five Fabulously Frugal Things I Have Done This Week

five fabulously frugal things, frugal, sving, money saving

Another fabulously frugal week here in the Money Saving Journeys Household.  From free food to cheap Sky TV, you can find us making the most of it.  Here's our Five Frugal Things:

I’m linking up with CassEmma and Becky in this week’s ‘Five Fabulously Frugal things I’ve done this week linky.

1. Cheap Sky TV

We don't have Sky TV - we would rather save the money towards holidays!  However, we do like to watch our local team when they are on.  On these occasions we use Now TV.  For just £6.99 we can buy a 24 hour pass to watch any Sky Sports channel.  This past weekend, we did just that and enjoyed the match whilst saving loads.

2.  Free Food

We were very lucky to be given some McDonalds Monopoly vouchers for free food items.  Armed with our vouchers, Husband and I went to our local McDonalds for our coffee this weekend instead of our local Costa (our cup of coffee together is our 'date' on a Saturday morning!).  We timed it so that we would be back home around lunchtime and before leaving McDonalds we purchased the food and took it home for the boys as a treat.  I have to say it went down remarkably well!

3. Cycling

As always, cycling makes its way on to the list.  The weather forecast for the past week was awful but I am pleased to say that, apart from one return journey on Wednesday, I managed to miss the rain and stay dry.  The rain doesn't really bother me as I am well wrapped up in my waterproofs.  However, you still have the problem of drying all your wet waterproof gear and I did have to succumb to putting the heating on to make sure it was properly dry before I had to wear it again the next day. There is nothing worse than putting wet things on.  The husband didn't fare so well.  Not only did he get wet a couple of times, he also got a flat tyre and had to walk part of the way home!

4. Free Printing

My eldest needed more practice GCSE papers to help with his revision.  We had two options, print them on our home printer and use pay for replacement toner or print them at the Library at a cost of 20p per page.  As each paper tends to be around 20 pages long, this was not even a consideration.  At work we have big industrial type photocopiers, so I asked if I could print some papers out using these and they agreed.  They said I could print as many as I wanted and I printed 12 papers out (2 for each subject in the exams he has next week).

5. Free Parking

There was a second football match to watch this week, as the local team were playing at home this time.  The Husband's place of work is only about 15 minutes walk away from the ground and we are allowed to park there in the evenings and weekends.  This meant we did not have to pay for parking.

All in all, apart from the flat tyre, this was a brilliantly frugal week.  Hopefully, we can have a few more, over the next few weeks, to fill up our holiday spending money account.

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    Sounds like you've had a good week. You've just reminded me that my friend gave me a monopoly voucher to use too!

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    We had a flat this week as well - bummer isn't it? You've done well with using the pass to watch the games you wanted and not be tied down with a tv contract too 🙂

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    I didn't know that about Now TV - that's brilliant!

    Thanks for joining in last week's 5 Frugal Things Linky x x

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