Five Fabulously Frugal Things I’ve Done This Week – 23 June 2017

Five Fabulously Frugal Things, save money, saving money, frugal

This week sees a No Spend Week Challenge, Cycling, ice cream, meal planning and exercise featuring in my five fabulously frugal things.

  1. No Spend Week

This week I have been joining in with Francesca, of From Pennies to Pounds, who was encouraging us to have a No Spend Week over on Instagram.

2. Cycling

Even in the heat of the recent days I have managed to keep up with my cycling.  Plenty of water and taking it easy up the hills still didn’t prevent my face from becoming the colour of a beetroot and my hair sticking to my face.  I looked so bad that my eldest looked quite shocked when I walked in.

3. Free Exercise

Actually, that should say ‘more’ free exercise.  Now eldest son has finished his GCSEs and therefore finished school until September, he has become concerned that his fitness levels will drop.  He was previously very sporty, taking part in lots of sports at school but now there is nothing.

He has decided to start lifting a few weights to tone his upper body and luckily we have some small dumbbells he is going to use.  Then he also suggested going out walking and cycling.  Not wanting to do this alone though, so he has asked me if I would like to go with him.

How can I refuse?  If your 16 year old son wants to spend time with you doing things like walking together, you are going to jump at the chance!  Tonight will be our first night.  The best thing is that all the exercise he wants to do is COMPLETELY FREE!

4. Diverted from Meal Plan

Our meal plan for this week DID NOT take into account the heat we have been experiencing.  On Tuesday, we were due to have Pie, Mash and Veg for dinner.  It was sooo hot that I couldn’t bear putting the oven, so decided to make something else.

In keeping with the ‘No Spend Week’ challenge on Instagram, I was happy to be able to use some bits and bobs to make a sauce which we poured over pasta – despite Youngest Son trying to convince me that we should order Chinese!

5. Free Ice Cream

Yes, I was given a free ice-cream but it is not as ‘nice’ as it appears.

I work in an office with 4 other people.  Four of us get on really well, but one is a bad apple!  It was very hot in the office and between us we only had 2 fans and had set them up on some filing cabinets where the breeze was able to reach all of us.  However, one of the fans ‘belonged’ (err, not really as the company paid for them) to the ‘bad apple’ who only works for 2 days a week.  She walked in the office and without saying a word to anyone, unplugged one of the fans and moved it to her desk.  My colleague asked her why she had done that and wasn’t she prepared to share the fan with everyone else in the office.

She realised that she had upset everyone and that she had been rather selfish with what she had done, but rather than apologising she bought everyone an ice cream!  Not sure that makes up for bad manners though, but it did taste nice.

As always, I am linking up with CassEmma and Becky  for this week's Five Fabulously Frugal Things link up.

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Five Fabulously Frugal Things, save money, saving money, frugal


  1. Good for you in holding out against the Chinese during a no spend week. Such a nice idea going for a walk with your son too!

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