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Five (err Three) Fabulously Frugal Things I’ve Done This Week 2 June 2017

As the title suggests, I struggled with five frugal things this week. I am surprised actually, as although I have been off work, we haven't actually been anywhere or done anything much. There has been a few trips to our local coffee shop and plenty of sitting out in the garden.

However, what really made this week un-frugal was the car. It needed a new radiator. A total cost of £235, which I don't think was too bad. The main problem we had was finding someone who could fit it in. It seemed that everyone had booked their cars into the local garages this week for repairs and maintenance, so we ended up having to use someone we had not used before, although still a local business (we do like to support local businesses where we can).  Anyway, on to the Frugal Things we did manage.

New (to me) Dress

Writing these posts has made me realise how generous friends and colleagues from work are. I have been given lots of clothing and other items and this week was no different. This time it was the lovely Nikki who gifted me this gorgeous Warehouse dress.

Made my Own Fruit Flavoured Cider

I am not a big alcohol fan, as most of it is just too strong for my delicate tastebuds - ha, ha. However, I am partial to a glass of fruit flavoured Cider, in fact anything that tastes like pop is good. These trendy drinks can be a bit on the pricey side, so I investigated making my own and it was a success. There is a blog post coming out this month, showing how I did this.

Free Subs from Subway

Tonight we are treating the boys to a Subway. Eldest has been shut away for the week revising. We went out for a meal on Monday night for Husband's birthday and to the park Tuesday night for a kick about. Apart from that, he hasn't been anywhere and has been stuck with his head in a book and a highlighter in his hand. We asked him what he wanted to do and he said he wants to go to the park again (different one this time) and to Subway (apparently McDonald's etc are not the 'in place' anymore). As luck would have it, when I checked my emails this morning I'd got an email from Subway informing me that they were adding on a bonus of 500 points to my card. This is enough to get a free 6 inch sub. I checked my points total and with the additional 500 points, I now have 1702 points. This is enough to get one 6 inch sub and a footlong.

And ...... that was it for this week. Better than nothing though and reading back I am actually quite pleased. It does you good to write things down.



  1. Sorry to hear about the car radio! Like you though, I am loving reflecting on the little wins each week and this linky helps me to do it!

    Now where do I find the kind of friends that "gift" me clothes 🙂

  2. Sounds like a good week. I love Subway!

    Also, mechanics are usually busy at the last/first week of the month because of payday. We try and go mid month now for things.

  3. Sometimes I struggle to write five but it is because I am generally thrifty and don't always recognise my wins!

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