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Age creeps upon us and the time came for the Husband to admit that he needed varifocals.  He had been messing about with two pairs of glasses – one pair for distance and one pair for reading.  I have lost count of the number of times he had misplaced one or other of the pairs.   He either left a pair at home, or on the table in a coffee shop.  He had two glasses cases, two cloths – two of everything.  He also needed to take both pairs EVERYWHERE!

The final straw came when we had gone to Southport for a day trip.  We’d had a great day and were just about to get in the car to leave and Husband got the map out to check the route.  The horror on his face as he realised that, yet again, he had left his reading glasses ‘somewhere’ – but where?

Tracing our day back in our heads, we realised that there were two potential places where he could have left them – one was the pub where we had stopped for lunch and the other was a café where we had stopped for a coffee.  We decided to head for the coffee shop first.  Luckily, the waitress had picked them up when she had cleared the table.

How about Getting Varifocals?

He decided he’d had enough of losing his glasses and he was going to buy one of those strings/chains where you hang your glasses around your neck!  ‘How about getting varifococals?’, I suggested.  I was met with a resounding NO.  His reasons were:

  • He had been told they were expensive
  • He had been told that that some people don’t get on with them
  • He had been told…..

I can’t actually remember the rest of the excuses he came up with.

Eye Test

A few weeks later and he was due for an eye test.  He went to his usual branch for this and they mentioned Varifocals too.  He was given a quote of £160 for the absolute cheapest pair and was warned that ‘not everyone gets on with them’.  He still wasn’t tempted.  He, quite rightly, was nervous about spending that sort of money on a pair of glasses that he may not get on with.

Asda Opticians

The next day, whilst I was at work, I asked a colleague how she got on with her varifocals.  She said they vere the best things she had ever bought and loved them.  I told her the story of how husband was worried about spending the money and then not being able to us e them.  She confirmed that it did take a while to get used to them but it was definitely worth it.  She also told me that hers had only cost £40.  WAIT, WHAT?!  Yes, £40 for varifocal glasses.  They were from Asda.

I quickly checked the website and there it was in black and white.  Their glasses are priced by the frame.  You choose your frame and then the lenses are included in the price and this includes varifocal lenses.

Off to Get Varifocals

Off we went to Asda.  He chose his frames and found some that he really liked in the £40 price frame.  After being measured we were informed it would take about 2 weeks for the glasses to be ready.  Within 7 days they had contacted us to say they were ready for collection.

He immediately wore them to drive home in and got on great.  He did struggle a bit, particularly when reading.  The secret is to move your head instead of just your eyes and now he loves them.  He is recommending Asda and varifocals to everyone.  Why would you go elsewhere?

I also took the opportunity of updating my glasses whilst I was there.  I found some I liked within the £40 frame range.  I don’t need varifocals yet, but there is no doubt where I will go when I do.

If anyone is thinking about getting any glasses – varifocals or not – I would definitely recommend Asda to you.

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Varifocals, money saving, save, save money, glasses, specs, asda, opticians, asda opticians