Emergency Fund

What is an emergency fund?   An emergency fund is a pot of money that you save to use in the event of a financial emergency.  A financial emergency can be defined as any unplanned cost such as your boiler requiring a repair or something that comes completely out ofRead More →

What are Sinking Funds?

The term sinking funds is used a lot, particularly when it comes to budgeting or when aiming to become Debt Free.  So, what are sinking funds? What are Sinking Funds? A sinking fund is the regular saving of money in preparation for paying for something by a certain date.  ByRead More →

1p Savings Challenge

The 1p Savings Challenge is a really simple way to save over £650 in just one year.  You can start the challenge at any time of year.  This post will explain how the challenge and includes access to a Free 1p Savings Challenge printable, which means you can get startedRead More →

My Best Money Saving Tips

No matter how hard you save and how much you plan, there is always something lurking around the corner.  If you need to batten down the hatches and get back on the money saving trail then read my best money saving tips: Money Saving Tip 1 - Save your Change I loveRead More →

How to meal plan

It is a well-known fact that meal planning can save you serious amounts of cash on your weekly shop.  Not only that, but it helps prevent food waste too.  To truly see the money saving benefits of meal planning, you need to take it one step further and 'Shop fromRead More →

What is Meal Planning?

If you are looking to save money on the amount you spend on groceries, then I can highly recommend meal planning. Not sure what meal planning is? Then this post has all the information you need to get started. What is Meal Planning? In its simplest form, meal planning isRead More →

Would you like to save money on Takeaway food without compromising on your takeaway treats?   Well, here's the solution!  You can make your own taste-a-like takeaway food.  Make your own Doner Kebab with this easy recipe. Make your Own Taste-a-Like Takeaway Food A few years ago, there was a lotRead More →

Control your Spending with a Spending Diary

Do you have more month than money?  Are you confused about where all your money goes?  Then here is your solution – you need to control your spending with a spending diary!  This simple sheet of paper will revolutionise your spending.  It will show you exactly where your money isRead More →

It can be difficult to stay motivated when you are trying to save money. Having something visual and tangible like a Savings Chart will really help you to achieve your savings goals. With this free printable savings chart, you can get started right away. Free Printable Savings Chart You canRead More →

Free Food with an Iceland Bonus Card

Have you got an Iceland Bonus Card?  It is really easy to get your Iceland Bonus Card .  You can either ask next time you are in store or apply online.  If you ask in store, you will be issued with a temporary card immediately which you will be able to use straightRead More →

Christmas gift guide

  Christmas Gift Guide I am behind in the Christmas gift buying process.  Usually by now, I have purchased most of the gifts I am planning to give but this year the time seems to have run away from me.  I was also really stuck for ideas so decided toRead More →

Save Money Learning to Drive

Save Money Learning to Drive It is no secret that learning to drive is expensive.  However, by following these tips and with a bit of forward planning, you can save yourself some money. I actually wrote this having just seen my eldest go off, with his instructor, for his secondRead More →

Year round colour in your garden frugally

Year Round Colour in Your Garden – Frugally Just because the weather has turned Autumnal, it doesn’t mean that all thoughts of summer colour in the garden needs to end.  Find out how I am gradually adding in some year round colour in my garden - frugally!Read More →

How to be Frugal on Fortnite

How to be Frugal on Fortnite We have all heard about this game that has grabbed the attention of gamers everywhere.  Find out how my teen is frugal on Fortnite Battle Royale.Read More →

Mobile Phone Contract Saving Tips

Mobile Phone Contract Saving Tips Did you know, people now spend more money on their mobile phone pay monthly plan than they do on their utility bills. We all know switching utility providers can save hundreds of pounds a year, but most consumers do not use this ethos when takingRead More →

Print your Photos for Free - an image of a collage of brightly coloured photographs

Free Photo Printing Do you want to print the photos you have on your mobile device, Instagram or Facebook?  Do you want to print them for free, paying only for the cost of delivery?  Then check out this post to find out how.Read More →

How to revamp your garden furniture on a budget

Revamp your Garden Furniture on a Budget If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen the photo I posted of my revamped garden furniture.  It turned out so good.  I also received an interesting comment which made me decide to write a blog post about it.Read More →

How to have a cheap day at the seaside - an image of a white sandy beach with a beautiful blue sea

How to have a Cheap Day at the Seaside I love going to the beach.  A day out at the seaside is a fantastic way to spend some quality time together as a family.  Even the teenagers love it – although they might not admit it!  Some day trips canRead More →

Get Set to Picnic - an image of my newly organised picnic cupboard

Get Set to Picnic with a Picnic Station Days out don’t have to cost a fortune.  You can make some easy savings by having picnics.  You can provide something for everyone, including picky eaters and they are a really cost effective way of keeping the family fed.  Trips to theRead More →

How to Get the Kitchen of Your Dreams without Going Broke The kitchen – one of the most used rooms in our home, and the one that shows its age the easiest. There’s not much you can do with your kitchen without spending a fortune, right? Actually, that’s wrong. EvenRead More →

gtech ebike, ebike, gtech, electric bike, cycling

I bought a Gtech eBike Sometimes you need to spend money to save money and this was one of those occasions.  It turned out to be one of the best decisions I made - I love my eBike.  Read all about it here.Read More →

How to save on food and drink whilst travelling - and image of bottles of water and a pair of sunglasses laid out on a hotel bed

How to Save on Food & Drink Whilst Travelling I make no secret of the fact that, as a family, we love to travel.  Travel can be expensive, particularly when your children are no longer really children and it costs the same amount as an adult for tickets, accommodation andRead More →

Image showing two different food flasks and some colourful plastic picnic cutlery

  It is coming to the time of year when my thoughts wander to all the days out and picnics we will have during the warmer weather.  Picnics are a great way to save money on days out and since discovering a food flask, are no longer filled with limpRead More →

Text and a large image of a 1 penny

Are you looking for a money saving challenge?  Do you lose motivation and want a way to keep saving?  Then why not try The Penny Challenge?  It's a real simple way to save money and you can even have a little chart you can colour in as you go -Read More →

Shopmium is an easy to use app for your mobile phone which pays you for buying certain foods. Want to know more, then check out this post which explains it all.Read More →

Pole with colourful signs depicting exotic travel destinations

5 Ways to Save Money whilst Travelling I love travelling.  There are two things that prevent me from travelling more - time and money.  Travelling is undeniably an expensive hobby. However, there are plenty of ways to save money – from daily budgets to prepaid travel cards.  Here are five waysRead More →

Reducing your grocery spend - and image of tins of food with a long shop receipt

  Ten Easy Ways to Reduce Your Grocery Spend The average UK spend is around £58 per week.  That’s £2900 per year.  For most families though this cost is much higher.  Here are Ten Easy Ways to Reduce Your Grocery Spend.Read More →

How to have a frugal valentines - Pink floating hearts

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, all thoughts turn to trying to find the perfect gift for your loved one. Which is great - but not if you are trying to save money. Don’t worry, I have some great ideas for you to use.Read More →

What is the Easiest Savings Challenge? It’s the start of a New Year, so how about starting an easy savings challenge.  Try the easiest savings challenge as I did during 2017.  I saved £61 by doing nothing more than throwing my loose change into some jars and forgetting about itRead More →

Recycle your Christmas cards into gift tags, recycling, reusing, money saving, saving money, save money, frugal, frugal living, frugal tips, Christmas, frugal Christmas, save money at christmas

When Christmas is over and you are taking down all your Christmas cards, what do you actually do with them?  You could recycle your Christmas cards into gift tags for the following year.  This is what I like to do and it's extremely easy, saves you money and reduces waste.Read More →

hints and tips for Christmas 2017, Saving money, saving, save money on food, save money, reduce your grocery spend, save, quick and easy, homemade, holiday, family, Christmas, Christmas Eve, christmas gifts, Christmas Lights

Ok, so it’s December and we are now really on the run up to Christmas.  I thought it would be a great idea to do a round-up of all the Christmas related posts that are on the blog.  Nearly all of these are related to saving money or making lifeRead More →

Anyone who has been following my FREE Debt Busting – Get Set for Success! Course , will know that the final email in the series gives you hints and tips to help you stay motivated and make sure that your money is working its hardest.  Here's some Easy Things to do toRead More →

I love budgets. They are important for my wellbeing.  I get stressed if I am not in control of where my money goes. I have two budgets. Yep, you read that right TWO. I call them my Regular Money Budget and my Reserve Money Budget.Read More →

reduce outgoings, reduce bills, cheaper bills, pay debt, debt free, reduce debt, save money, money saving

Whether you are trying to reduce your debt or want to increase your savings, one of the best things you can do for your finances is to regularly review your outgoings. I like to check mine at least once per year.Read More →

Age creeps upon us and the time came for the Husband to admit that he needed varifocals.  He had been messing about with two pairs of glasses – one pair for distance and one pair for reading.  I have lost count of the number of times he had misplaced oneRead More →

Amazon, Prime, Amazon Prime

I recently wanted to make a purchase on  Amazon.  Well, more specifically, eldest son wanted to purchase a game for the xBox.  We searched the internet looking for the best deal available and the outstandingly cheapest price was found on Amazon.Read More →

If you are trying to save money, you will need to look at everything you currently buy and consider trying cheaper alternatives.  I needed a new lipstick and was hoping I could continue saving money on make-up too.  I was surprised to see Poundland had a make-up range.  For only £1 I decidedRead More →