I'm doing a number of Savings or Money Making Challenges in 2018 and I am keeping my progress all in one place right here.

Reducing the Grocery Spend

We are a family of four who are trying to reduce our grocery spend.  We know it will be difficult, so we are keeping it real and aiming for just a reduction of £10 per week.  That will still be £520 a year though!

Reducing The Grocery Spend Spreadsheet

Making Money with Prolific Academic

I made around £40 last year which is not brilliant.  However, to make money you actually need to login and answer the surveys - who knew lol!  Needless to say, there were many, many days when I didn't login.

This year will be different.  I will be logging in EVERY day and completing any surveys that are waiting for me.  I will tweeting each day I manage to make something - so make sure you follow me on Twitter.  I will also log my progress in the spreadsheet below.

If you would like to sign up to Prolific Academic you could use my referral code here.

Prolific Academic Earnings 2018

Project Kitchen

I am on a mission to save for a new kitchen and I've called it Project Kitchen.  This will not be a quick savings challenge.  This is one I am in for the long run, but if I don't start then I'll never be able to afford it.  I am putting £10 each month into a separate account.  I am also finding bits of money to save by skimming my bank account whenever I log on to my online banking and by trying to reduce my outgoings and diverting any money saved to the Project Kitchen account.

Project Kitchen Savings Spreadsheet

Holiday Savings Challenge

This is a simple challenge where I am challenging myself to save £100 from my salary each month towards holidays.  By the time I go away in the Summer I hope to have £600 and then I continue saving for the rest of the year to put towards a holiday at Christmas or next Summer.

To save this money I will just need to be careful with my day to day spending.  I think I am good at this but the odd coffee or snack might sneak in now and again and it is scary how these can add up.  Follow my progress here:

Holiday Savings Challenge