Reducing your grocery spend

Reducing your grocery spend

Reducing the Grocery Budget in 2018

Welcome to one of many savings challenges I am planning during 2018. I find challenging myself is one of the best ways I can keep motivated.  This particular challenge is focused upon reducing the grocery budget in 2018.

Who are We?

We are a family of 4 - two adults and two teens - although the teens eat more than we do!  If you are a parent to teens, then I am sure you will know where i'm coming from!

Why Are We Doing this Challenge?

We noticed our grocery spend gradually increasing so we needed to see if we could change this.

How Much Have You Saved During Your Grocery Challenge?

You can follow our progress below. The spreadsheet will be updated weekly with our grocery spends.

For clarity, our spending is for everything we would buy weekly from the supermarket - food and non-food including cleaning products etc.