Real Life Debt Story - Pretty Debtless

Real Life Debt Stories – Pretty Debtless

Real Life Debt Stories - Pretty Debtless shares their debt story with us - her starting debt, lightbulb moment, making extra money, favourite repayment methods and how to stay motivated.

Welcome to my series of 'Real Life Debt Stories'. The series is dependent on you sharing your stories, so if you are interested I'd love it if you'd complete this questionnaire. There are just 10 questions.

Real Life Debt Stories - PRETTY DEBTLESS

Thank you so much Pretty Debtless for sharing your story.


What was your Lightbulb moment?

When we realized that paying the minimum payment for student loans was increasing the total amount due!

How much did you owe at the time of your Lightbulb moment?

$105,118.02 in debt. I don't count the house since I view real estate as an investment.

How did you feel when you had your Lightbulb moment?

Frustrated and disgusted with myself! Something had to be done!

What/who were the circumstances which caused your debt?

Student loans, car loan, credit card debt to fix up the house to sell, credit card debt for needless spending, and medical bills.

What were the first steps you took in taking control of your debt?

After reading tons of books and blogs, we created a plan to follow and the Pretty Debtless Challenge was born. We knew what would work for us and we were realistic about our goals. Yes, there were tough times, but that made it worth it! We've paid off over 50% of our total debt and can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Where are you now in your journey to being debt free? Do you have a target ‘debt free’ date?

We have $47,321.81 left in debt! I recently quit my job to stay home with our 3 month old daughter, but not letting that stop us! I am now a HAHM: Hustling At Home Mom. So even though our debtless date is set back and unknown (goal - DEBTLESS in 2018), I know my side hustles will help us achieve our goals.

Are there any debt repayment ‘methods’ that you would recommend? What has worked for you?

I have shifted debt on to 0% and 0 balance transfer fee credit cards so we are not getting slammed by compound interest. It has helped tremendously. However, we ONLY did this if we knew we could pay it off within the promotional period. Otherwise, it would be more harmful than good.

What advice would you give to someone who has just had their ‘lightbulb’ moment?

Know you're not alone! Stay positive and you can do this! Yes, it will take time, but you didn't get into debt overnight! That took time too! Sacrifices must be made, but it also opens doors to new and creative ways of thinking and way of life!

How do you stay motivated?

Starting has kept me on track and motivated, as well as paying bills off one-by-one. I want to build a community of like-minded individuals where becoming DEBTLESS is the new sexy! It's a place where we can share stories about getting out of debt but still look pretty! You don't have to sacrifice looking good because your in debt and on your journey to becoming DEBTLESS! Knowing this has motivated me greatly!

Thank you so much for sharing your story.  I wonder how many others are making just their minimum payments and not realising that their debt is increasing.

I wish you luck as you continue on your journey and success in your side hustles.


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