Real Life Debt Stories - Jen

Real Life Debt Stories – Jen

Real Life Debt Stories - Jen

Welcome to my series of 'Real Life Debt Stories'. The series is dependent on you sharing your stories, so if you are interested I'd love it if you'd complete this questionnaire. There are only 10 questions.  

This week we hear from Jen all about her debt, her lightbulb moment, how she tackles her debt and what keeps her motivated. 

Real Life Debt Stories - Jen

Thank you so much Jen for completing my questionnaire and sharing your story with us.  Jen blogs over at A Little Piece of My Life, why not head over.


What was your Lightbulb moment?

   My lightbulb moment came at at new year after a fight with my partner about money and getting our own house. We both work yet never have any money or spend time together like normal couples do. I had a breakdown as we were working to pay bills and nothing else. No holidays, no days out and I had just had enough. We sat down together that night and calculated how much we actually owe.  

How much did you owe at the time of your Lightbulb moment?

   My own debt was £11,232.84 and my partners is £10,557.32. combined it is an eye watering £21790.16.  

How did you feel when you had your Lightbulb moment?

   There was an initial shock of how we had got to this stage but then there was the acceptance that we now had a plan in place and both knew what we had to do to start making some progress.  

What/who were the circumstances which caused your debt?

   My partner had lost his job twice in 2 years, when I was a student at university and then he had tried to start his own business which we had funded ourselves and this had gone under.  

What were the first steps you took in taking control of your debt?

   The first thing we did was sit down and be honest with how much we both owed. We then tried to tackle the highest interest items with a credit card and doing a balance transfer to get the 0% interest period. Since the beginning of the year I have been trying my hand at matched betting, surveys, blogging and selling on ebay.  

Where are you now in your journey to being debt free? Do you have a target ‘debt free’ date?

   We will be out of our 'main' debt within 18 months so July 2019 and completely out of debt by January 2020.  

Are there any debt repayment ‘methods’ that you would recommend? What has worked for you?

   I never had a credit card as I associated this with debt however after watching Martin Lewis one night, he had suggested doing a balance transfer to get a 0% interest period. I've done this and halved the interest I was paying on my Very account.  

What advice would you give to someone who has just had their ‘lightbulb’ moment?

   Tackle things head on, be honest and don't stick your head in the sand. Talk to others about it get the support. I personally rate the instagram community as everyone is so friendly and I've got some excellent tips for earning extra money.  

How do you stay motivated?

   I want to buy a house and this is so important to me. I also want to start my own business and work from home but I need the constant income just now.  

Jen, thanks again for sharing your story.  It is true about the community on Instagram, it is very supportive.  In fact, that is where I first 'met' Jen and was amazed by her progress and begged asked if she would share her story with us here. 

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Would you like to Share Your Story?

My aim is to feature ‘Real Life Debt Stories’ from people who have experienced debt. This could be debt of any size, type or reason. Debt that has been paid off, debt you want to start paying off or debt that you are currently in the middle of paying off. I want to share failures as well as successes including the reasons why you found yourself in debt in the first place – as everyone’s story is different.

It is important to show people that they are not alone. I also want to highlight that different methods of getting debt under control work for different people and that there is not a ‘One Size Fits All’ solution.

This is where you come in. I am looking for anyone who is willing to share their story with my readers. I have developed a questionnaire for you to complete and this can be completely confidential and names will not be shared OR if are happy for your name to be used, I can use it. If you also have a blog, I am happy to link to your blog too, alongside your story.

I will then email you to let you know when your story will go live.

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Real Life Debt Stories -Jen