Top Tips for Selling on eBay - an image of parcel paper, scissors, packages, stamps and String

Top Tips for Selling on eBay

Top Tips for Selling on eBay - an image of parcel paper, scissors, packages, stamps and String

Top tips for Selling on eBay

After my mammoth declutter, there were a few items that I thought I might try to sell, rather than donate.  I decided to use eBay, as I used this successfully a few years ago.  Here’s my top tips if you are thinking of selling some of your unwanted items.

Use the eBay App and Scan the barcode

If the item you are selling has a barcode, you can use your phone to scan this and the eBay app will automatically upload the standard title, description and images.  This makes uploading your items much quicker.  All you need to do is set your price and your postage and add in any additional details you think the buyer would find useful.

Take good photos

As your potential buyers can’t see the item in person (unless you are offering collection), it is really important to take good photos.  A poor image will mean they will just move on to the next item on the list.

Upload more than one photo

Some items only need one photo, but if you think that you item needs to be seen from multiple angles, then uploading additional photos is a must.

Make your title searchable

How many times have you seen items appear in your search that are not remotely relevant to what you wanted.  If you item cannot be searched for by the person who is looking to buy it, they will never find it.  Search for your item and see how another seller has listed it.

Write a good description

Unless you can use the barcode method above, which will populate a generic description for you, then you need to write an honest, catchy, detailed description.  Think about all the aspects of the item that you would want to know about if you were looking to buy the item.  Again, if you are stuck, take a look at how similar items have been described.

Select the correct categories

This, too, is really important if you want buyers to find your goods for sale.  Make sure you are listing your item under the correct categories.  You wouldn’t look for a DVD under fashion, for example.  That may sound extreme but you will be surprised what you can come across.

Keep postage costs real

When calculating your postage costs, you need to include costs of packaging too.  However, don’t try to make more money by adding even more to your postage.  Buyers will be put off if postage costs are too high compared to other similar items that are for sale.

Offer Free Postage

This one is particularly effective if you are selling as Buy it Now.  As a buyer, I feel like I’m getting more of a bargain if the postage is ‘free’.  As a seller, you are not out of pocket as you can include the cost of postage in the selling price of your item.

Package your item well

Good packaging will ensure your goods arrive in excellent condition.  This will lead to good feedback from your buyers and less complaints.  This all adds up to more sales in the long run as your feedback score grows.

Get Proof of postage

Even if you are just going to post your item via a normal Royal Mail service, you can still ask for a free proof of postage slip.  This does not guarantee delivery but it does prove that you have posted the item. 

eBay Reselling as a Side Hustle

Once you have got the hang of selling your unwanted items and making a little bit of cash, why not consider starting a little side hustle.  Many people are now eBay resellers.  They source items to resell from jumble sales, shop sales and charity shops.

If you have the time to spend sourcing, uploading, packaging and posting, it can turn in to a nice littler earner. 

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Top Tips for Selling on eBay - an image of parcel paper, scissors, packages, stamps and String