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Side Hustle Income Report – 6 Months On


Back at the start of the year I decided to embark on a money making challenge. I wanted to look into a range of different areas to increase my income but these had to be things that I could do from home, within my spare time.

Side Hustle Income Report - 6 Months On

I had read loads of information on how others were making money from home and I wanted in on the action. So I began.

A little bit of background about me. I am a wife and mother, who works part-time in a regular day job. I leave the house at 7 am and return at 3 pm, just in time for the boys to return from school.

My Husband works afternoons/evenings, so I am solely responsible for all the homework, cooking etc for all of us each evening. This leaves me approximately 2 hours per night to work on my blog and my money making. I do have more time at weekends. I hope this 6 month Side Hustle income report will show you that you can make money from home, even if your time is limited.

There was a quote that I had read somewhere and this has really stuck in my head and goes something like this:

Your income is only limited by the amount of ‘buy’ buttons you have.

In other words, if you don’t offer anything or try anything, you can’t make any money. Whereas if you offer lots of little things, you can be making money from multiple income streams and this is my target.

My Potential Additional Income Streams


I didn’t start my blog with the intention to make money, but it would, of course, be a nice addition. I enjoy documenting my journeys and helping others, whether that be with saving money, making money, travelling, organisation, food etc.

Blogging is hard work, but extremely enjoyable. This takes up the majority of my time for practically zero return financially, so possibly not the best use of my efforts from a money making perspective. However, some of the ways I am now making money were borne from experience gained in the blogging world, so it has ‘paid’ me in a different way.

Phone Apps

I have tried a couple of phone apps with varying degrees of success.  The links in this post take you to the apps on the App Store.  If you would like to read my reviews on CitizenMe, One Pulse and Receipt Hog, I have included links to the posts at the bottom of this one. Some I just don’t get on with,  others I have. A lot of the time it is down to personal preference. The two I use regularly are (links to the app store) citizenme and OnePulse.

Another app that I like is Storerewards. All you need to do is take a photo of any receipts you get and upload them. You are then rewarded with virtual coins which you can exchange for cash or Amazon vouchers. So far, I have 2744  points (which is almost worth £10) and I am letting them build up until the end of the year.


Fiverr has been my favourite money making venture so far. I have a couple of gigs on there and at first I didn’t receive any orders for quite a few weeks. Then all of a sudden I got my first one. From then on there has been a steady stream and this has been my most lucrative additional income stream. I absolutely love doing these gigs.

If you are interested in learning more about Fiverr - have a read of  this post where I show you How to Make Money on Fiverr.  There is even a free printable too.


I created a couple of short Ebooks which are for sale on Amazon Kindle. Converting Word documents to Ebooks was really easy to do and I have sold a couple. Not much income from these but it was nice to go through the process and see that there is a possibility of making money this way. Of course, once you have written the Ebook and uploaded it, this income is completely passive. This is an area that I want to investigate more within the coming 6 months.

What Users Do

You can sign up to What Users Do and get paid to test websites.  If a 'job' appears on your dashboard, there may be a couple of screening questions.  If you pass these you will get full instructions to follow to test out a companies website.  As you test the website, your screen is recorded and your comments as you go through the tasks.  For each completed test you can earn £5.

I have only managed to complete one task so far, as I find that they are usually available at times I'm not, or I have been screened out.  However, the one I did test took about 20 minutes, was very easy to do and for this reason it will be staying on my money making list.

Prolific Academic

I signed up to Prolific Academic a while ago and I have managed to do a couple of questionnaires.  I enjoyed doing these.  I do find that many of the surveys/questionnaires are available when I'm not but this will stay on my list.

Side Hustle Income

Affiliate Income 11p
Ebooks 1.57
What Users Do £5.00
CitizenMe £12.42
Prolific Academic £3.17
Fiverr £102.44

Total = £124.71

It's not a lot, but going back to the quote above, it is more than £0 which is what I would have earned if I hadn't pursued these areas.

Money Making List for the Next 6 Months

After trying out all of the above, here are the ones that will stay on to my Money Making List for the next 6 months:


  1. Blogging - because I love it!
  2. CitizenMe
  3. OnePulse
  4. Receipt Hog
  5. Fiverr
  6. What Users Do
  7. Prolific Academic
  8. EBooks - this is staying on the list but I may not have time to produce another this year

Money Makers I Want to Try out

Matched Betting

I recently came across this website about matched betting.  This is a mum who writes about the whole matched betting journey.  She gives a real perspective and really helps break down the jargon.  Reading posts on this site and really given me the push to investigate this more.

A Second Website

My Eldest son and I are working on a website together.  This will take some time setting up but we hope to be able to launch this in October of this year.  It is based around gaming (one of his loves) and we are having great fun playing around with the designs and ideas we have.

Earnings Challenge

I came across a post from Savvy Squirrel.  The post title that caught my attention and I just had to read it.  It is a personal challenge to make £24,000 in ADDITIONAL income in just 12 MONTHS, so not including any regular salary.  At first, I thought there is no way I could do that but I was intrigued and had to continue reading.

The amount is broken down into smaller targets with a list of ways that the money could be made.  The best thing, these are all ways that are open to everyone.  We could all do these things.  It has really spurred me on to narrow my focus on those money making avenues I have already been successful in, whilst investigating just one or two more.


The first 6 months is a true indication of how much money I could make in the time I have.  I spent a lot of time at the beginning of the year signing up to apps, doing surveys etc which didn't work out.

I am guilty of flitting from one thing to another.  There are just so many ways to make additional money and I want to investigate them all lol!  I need to focus more and just choose one or two ways to investigate and investigate thoroughly before either sticking with it or moving on.

Do you have any recommendations on ways to increase your income from home in your spare time?

I’m taking part in the Money Making Madness Linky hosted by Charlotte Burns from Lotty Earns, Emma Bradley from Mum’s Savvy Savings, Emma Drew from EmmaDrew.Info and Lynn from Mrs Mummy Penny.


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side hustle, income report, blogger, blog, blogging, money maker, making money


  1. Well done with all those side hustles! I'm doing something similar, in keeping blogging as a long-term plan. Even though the return may not be as great initially, I feel much happier investing the effort in something that's actually mine. Looking forward to seeing more income reports!

  2. Well done. Thank you for sharing. I too love Prolific, it's the best survey site by far. Have you looked in to sponsored posts? This is something I've just got to grips with and hope to pitch to more companies in the future. Good luck with it.

    Just popped over from #moneymakingmadnesslinky

    Elf x

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