Make Time to Make Money - a n image of a pile of pastel coloured clock faces

Make Time to Make Money

Make Time to Make Money - a n image of a pile of pastel coloured clock faces

Make Time to Make Money

One of the challenges to making extra money can be lack of time.  You need time to hunt out the opportunities, as well as time to act on them.  Here are 10 ideas to help you maximise your time for making money.

How to Increase your Income

There are lots of opportunities out there for anyone looking to increase their income.  You can make money using online apps, reselling on eBay , Facebook or Paperclip, designing items for Print on Demand or one of my favourite ways, completing surveys.

Finding Spare Time

If, like me, you have a day job but like to spend your spare time trying to find ways to increase your income, then maximising how you spend the time you have becomes crucial.  You have to make use of every spare second.

I am a planner.  I like nothing more than a list.  I like to set myself a certain number of things to achieve each day, whether that be writing a blog post, answering surveys, uploading a design or writing an e-book.

Even with my list and my targets, some days I can still run out of time.  I decided to write down all the ways I currently maximise my time and some of the ways I am going to adopt.

10 Ideas on How to Make Time


  1. Meal Plan

Meal planning saves so much time!  It takes away the stress of trying to think of what to have for dinner each night.  Not only that, but it helps you with your shopping list, with reducing your grocery spend AND other family members will know exactly what’s for dinner and could take over??

  1. Use a Slow Cooker

I couldn’t manage without my slow cooker.  I use it for at least 2 meals per week.  It takes 5 minutes to prepare and then I can leave it to cook all day.  When I get in from work, I can get on with my money making activities, knowing full well that the meal is already underway and will only take another 5 minutes to go from slow cooker to plate.

  1. Replace the Grass

I love my garden.  In the Summer I move my money making activities outside (ie, I take my laptop and sit in the garden to work).  However, the Summer also means regular cutting of the grass – a job I hate!  It is my plan to replace my grass with artificial grass

A friend of mine has this and it’s amazing.  No more grass to cut, a perfect looking lawn at all times and the boys can play football on it all year round.

  1. Bulk Cook

Another brilliant time saver in the kitchen.  I like to cook many meals in bulk.  I then portion them up and pop them in the freezer for a later date.  It’s like having a freezer full of ready meals and ideal when you have a deadline to meet.

  1. Use a Cleaning Schedule

As I work out of the home every day and then spend my evenings (after doing homework etc) working on my money making activities, I cannot spend hours cleaning.  I have worked out my own cleaning schedule:

Monday – Dust upstairs

Tuesday – Dust downstairs

Wednesday – Hoover up and down

Thursday – Clean Bathroom

Friday – Clean Kitchen

I like to contain my cleaning to the week, as I don’t want to spend all weekend doing it.

  1. Meal Prep in Bulk

At the beginning of the week, gather all your fruit and veg together that you will need for your meals.  Then prepare them all in bulk.  Using a food processor is a great way to save even more time.  Veg can be pre-cooked and popped in the fridge or freezer, or you use it straight away to do some batch cooking.

  1. Use Fake plants

I have lots of plant pots on my patio.  Many of these contain plants that only last a year or so.  Then each year, I have to clear out the pot, buy some more plants and compost and spend time planting them again.  This year I am going to do something slightly different.  It is something we did last year with our hanging baskets.  We planted them with plastic flowers.  They look brilliant and require no maintenance what so ever – not even watering – which is another time zapper during the summer.

Fake Plants in my Hanging Basket give me all year round colour with no effort!
  1. Get the Kids to help

My teenagers are reluctant helpers but they do have certain jobs that they have to do each week.  They must wash up at least once per week, they must put away their own clothes, they must make their own beds each day and they must keep their own room tidy.

  1. Get your partner to help

This is where I am really lucky.  My Husband and I share all the duties.  In fact, he probably does more than me when it comes to household tasks.  This is mainly due to his hours of work.  He does split shifts, which means he is often home for a couple of hours during the day and he does lots of housework then.

  1. Plant more bulbs

Just looking around my garden right now and I can see that I already have some time saving plants in the garden.  As Spring begins, the garden fills with Daffodils and Snowdrops.  These have made way for the beautiful Tulips that are flowering now.  Flowers that appear automatically – they still require watering though – but are pretty maintenance free until the winter time.


Saving time is a bit like saving money – some of these suggestions might not sound like they are saving you much, but if you add together all the little pockets of time, this is all time you can use to make more money.

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Make Time to Make Money - a n image of a pile of pastel coloured clock faces

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