Print on Demand - a selection of items that you can have your designs printed on which include notebooks, mugs, wrapping paper and t-shirts

How to Make Money with Print on Demand (POD)?

Print on Demand - a selection of items that you can have your designs printed on which include notebooks, mugs, wrapping paper and t-shirts

I spent some of 2017 looking in to various ways to increase my income.  There are just so many different ways you can do this.  In this post I focus on Print on Demand or POD for short and explain what it is, how you can make money and what you need to get started.

How to Make Money with Print on Demand (POD)?

What is Print on Demand (POD)?

Print on Demand or POD, as it is sometimes referred to, is a money-making method that anyone can try.  Making money with Print on Demand can be done in your spare time.

All you need to do is create a design, upload your design to a POD company, add your image to their bank of products and post them for sale.  You don’t need any fancy equipment – just a pc, laptop, tablet or phone and it is completely free to register with a Print on Demand company.

Any items carrying your design are then displayed on the company’s website.  When one of your items is purchased, the POD company prints your design on to the item and ships the product to the customer.  You then receive a percentage of the sale.

No need to pay for or carry your own stock, no shipping to do or pay for.  There is absolutely no cost to you at all – just time.

Who is it for?

It really is for anyone who wants to make money online.  You don’t even need any design skills.  There are some very successful creators who sell text based designs.

You can even sign up to a design website like Canva where you can create fantastic designs really easily. Although they have a premium (ie paid) version, their free version is brilliant and perfect for beginners.

If you are a skilled artist you can also upload your own artwork.

What you will need is time and be willing to put in the effort.  It takes time to create your designs and upload them and time to add your designs on to products.  You can also increase your sales by marketing your designs.  Again, you can do this for free using social media.

Examples of Items you can Sell using POD

There are many Print on Demand companies, all offering a different range of products for you to place your design.  Some of the most popular items for POD are T-shirts.  You can also find POD companies that will print on:

  • Clothing & Accessories – including socks, leggings, flip flops, pyjamas, bags, dresses, skirts, hoodies, watches, ties, sunglasses, necklaces, cuff links, scarves, belts, shoes
  • False nails
  • Stationery items – like diaries, notebooks, stickers, calendars, post it notes, clipboards, desk organisers, pens, pencils, erasers, business cards
  • Wedding – invitations, save the date, response, thank you, place cards, favour bags, favour boxes
  • Gift products – wrapping paper, gift tags, Greetings cards, party hats, bunting, napkins
  • Baby items – dummies, bibs, blankets, clothing, bags, cushions, posters, bunting
  • Kids – teddy bears, playing cards, skateboards, dart boards, table tennis, puzzles
  • Homeware – cushions, duvet covers, clocks, Mugs, cups, plates, tiles, floor mats, tablecloths, trays, mirrors, towels, shower curtains
  • Decorations – Christmas tree decorations etc
  • Electronics - phone cases, flash drives, keyboards, mousemats, portable speakers
  • Pet items – collars, clothing, beds
  • Wall art

How can I make money?

Start by creating your design.  Upload it to your chosen Print on Demand site.  You chose the products that you would like to add your design to.  Then post the design for sale in their marketplace.

Each time an items sells you will receive a commission.  Each company has a different commission structure, so be sure to check it out.

In addition, some POD services allow you to also make a little extra in the form of affiliate income.  You can get a special URL containing your unique code which you can market to friends, family, and across social media.  Once they click on your link and purchase your item (or any item from the marketplace) you receive a commission.

How do I get Started? 

  • Sign up to Canva for free or use a site like Pic Monkey or Photoshop if you have it.
  • Create your first design – don’t make your first one too detailed. Use this to go through the process first.
  • Add your design to the products of your choice.
  • Add it for sale in the marketplace.
  • Do your own marketing to increase your sales.

What equipment do I need?

  • You need a device that will allow you to create a design and upload it to a POD service.
  • Time to design, upload and market.

List of Print on Demand Companies

To help you get started, here is a list of popular Print on Demand services (some I use and some I haven't tried yet but fully intend to):

Examples of my designs

To give you an idea of what you can do I have added links to some of the items I have created.  They were really simple designs that I used to test out the process.  I chose Zazzle for my first foray into the POD market and found it easy to use and have already sold one of my items.



If you are looking for legitimate ways to make money from home then this is it.  There is absolutely no cost involved at all.  You can have a design created, uploaded and for sale within minutes.  There is no limit to the number of POD platforms you can use (you could add your designs to all of them) and there is no limit to the number of designs or products you can have for sale.

To increase your chances of making money, you need to get lots of designs out there, across lots of different platforms.  You also need to spend time marketing your products, we can easily be done across social media.

Making money with Print on Demand can be done in your spare time.  You can choose when and where you work and how much time you spend creating, uploading and marketing your products.

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Print on Demand - a selection of items that you can have your designs printed on which include notebooks, mugs, wrapping paper and t-shirts