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Make Money Online with Prolific Academic

If you are looking at ways to increase your income in your spare time then you should take a look at Prolific Academic.  Prolific Academic crowd-sources participants to take part in academic studies.  You can make money online with Prolific Academic by completing these studies (surveys) and for each survey you complete, you will receive a payment.

Join Prolific Academic For Free

Prolific Academic is free to join and after you answer a few demographic and eligibility questions you will be good to go.  You will be able to make money online with Prolific Academic instantly.

Never Screened Out

The thing I really like about this site is that you are never screened out from a survey.

You complete pre-screening questions at various times when you log in to the site.  For example, I have been a member for a few years now and there are still questions to answer every now and again. When you are logged in and a study appears, you are guaranteed this study, unless it fills up before you select it.

How do I get Paid?

Payments for studies vary dependent on the time the study takes, but equate to an average of around £5 per hour, although I have been part of studies that were £4 per hour and one that was £7.50 per hour.  Before you start a study, Prolific Academic provides you with all this information.  You will know how long the study should take and how much you will receive for completing it.  It is completely transparent.

You can cash out once you have earned £5 but this will incur fees and payment is via Paypal.

Types of Studies

I have taken part in many studies and they are all different.  Some are mathematical, some are psychological but they are all really enjoyable. 

There are some studies that are available for mobile or tablet, but for the majority of studies you require a pc or laptop.

How much can you earn?

The amount you can earn depends on how many surveys you are eligible for and how often they are available.  I have currently earned £15.91 in August and I didn't log in every day. 

Login Regularly to Make the Most Money

To earn the most money you need to login regularly.  Any surveys you are eligible for will appear on the studies page.  Studies can appear at any time and I use a free Chrome plugin called Prolific Assistant.  This means that I can have Prolific Academic open in the background whilst I continue working on my laptop.  If a study becomes available, Prolific Assistant will give me an audible and visual notification.

Tracking Your Earnings with Prolific Academic

You can download a Free Income Tracker to help you log your earning with Prolific Academic or any other additional income streams you have by signing up below.

Free Income Tracker

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