Make Money - Ways to Increase My Income

MAKE MONEY – Investigating Ways to Increase My Income

Money Making

Happy New Year!

It’s the time of year when people start making resolutions.  This year I am going to make just ONE resolution.


Yes, I am going to make this the year I investigate different ways of increasing my income and, of course, I will report my findings and any successes right here.  I already have a regular job so any additional income I make will need to come from ‘work at home’ opportunities.

On the list so far for investigation are:

·         Phone Apps

·         Matched Betting

·         Online opportunities

·         Mystery Shopping

·         Cashback

I have a few ideas already saved onto various Pinterest Boards:

Apps That Make YOU Money

Making Money Online

Work from Home

There are others too that I have been reading and finding as much information about as possible.  It seems there are loads of opportunities out there, most of which may only make you small amounts of extra income, but at the end of the day it all adds up.

I have also joined The Money Shed, where you can find a wealth of information on making money working from home.  Via The Money Shed, I have signed up for a '30 Day Money Making Bootcamp' that is being run by Katy Kicker.  Katy will be showing us how to make up to £1000 extra in one month!

As I investigate each opportunity I will be looking at things like:

  • Ease of use
  • Time Required
  • Earning Levels
  • Payment Thresholds

On Mondays I will report back with details of any extra income earned and any methods I have begun to use.  I will also include a running total throughout the year.  As my time is limited, it will be interesting to see the amount of additional income I do manage to earn.  Of course, any additional income will mean registering for self-assessment with the Tax Office and this has put me off earning more money in the past but really, as long as you keep full records, it should be pretty straightforward.  I certainly don’t want this to stop me from making money anymore, so I am going for it.

Fancy joining me?  Comment below and I will add you to the list.  You could let me know the method you are trying and any income made.  I will record and publish your progress each week alongside mine.

Make Money - Ways to Increase My Income


  1. I really want to start some of things mentioned here, especially matched betting, but I'm a way for two weeks this month so I think I'm going to start in February. Ebaying and Facebook selling will have to do for now!

    1. Author

      I can recommend Matched Betting. I only started a month ago. To be honest, it scared me! Although I have limited time and funds, I have managed to make around £200. I will be writing a post about my experiences soon to help others have the confidence to start. It has now given me the confidence to increase my attempts too.

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