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How to Make Money on your Mobile Phone with OnePulse

Make Money with OnePulse
You can easily make money with One Pulse by answering simple questions via their easy to use app.

In continuation of a challenge I set myself at the start of the New Year (see this post), I decided that next on the list would be One Pulse.

There are a number of income streams I want to investigate but at the moment, my focus has to be on those that are easy to do and don’t take up too much time during my day – as real life and real work has to take priority.  However, by using this year to investigate various options it will ensure that, in the future as my spare time, increases I will know exactly which streams are worth focusing on.

Make Money with OnePulse

OnePulse is a free app that you can download onto your phone or tablet.  Initial signing up is easy, you then need to spend a bit longer completing your full profile.  OnePulse has recently updated its interface and I find that I am being offered more ‘pulses’ than I was previously –which is good.

OnePulse is basically a survey site.  Companies will approach them wanting market research and this will be converted into ‘pulses’ that you receive via your app.  You will receive a mixture of ‘pulses’ – some are for fun and some are for a paid reward.

Each ‘pulse’ consists of only 3 questions – which in my view is perfect!  There is nothing worse than a survey which last up to 20 minutes and rewards you with pence (I’m looking at you iPoll – review coming soon) as my brain diverts elsewhere quite quickly


The OnePulse App can be found in the App Store and is free to download.  Signing up is really easy but you then need to spend some time completing your full profile.  There are approximately 65 questions that you need to answer and the questions are the sort of thing you would expect to have to answer – age, gender, location as well as some more specific ones like where you do any top up shops, or which foods you like.  Obviously, the more detail you add in the more pulses you will be offered.Make Money with OnePulse01The next section you need to complete is the ‘groups’ section.  Here you will find groups or categories which you can choose to ‘join’.  These will influence the types of pulses you will receive and will ensure that areas of relevance and interest to you are offered.Make Money with OnePulse


Each survey question is called a Pulse.  Each pulse is just 3 questions long and most are multiple choice and take seconds to do. Occasionally, you have the option of answering with free text.  There are two types of Pulse – Paid pulse and fun pulse (non-paid).

OnePulse make it very clear which ones are paid and which are ‘for fun’.  As you can see by the image below, this was a paid pulse – see the £ sign in the bottom corner.

Make Money with OnePulse01

Once you tap on the pulse, you are guaranteed to be able to complete the pulse and receive your cash reward.

You will then be asked three questions.  You can see the format of the questions in the screen shots below.  The questions are easy to read, easy to answer and for this pulse required just three taps of the screen (one for each question).

Make Money with OnePulseMake Money with OnePulse01

 Once you have completed a paid pulse, you will be taken to this screen;

Make Money with OnePulseHere you can see exactly how much you were rewarded for your answers, how much you have made in total and how much more you need before you can cash out.

If you have completed a ‘fun’ pulse, you will get this screen:

Make Money with OnePulse

Here you can see how much XP you earned, the level you are on and the current amount you can earn per pulse.

You are also able to rate how you found the pulse.  To date, I have rated mine all as 5 stars.

Make Money with OnePulseYou will then get to view the results of the pulse which can make for interesting reading.

Make Money with OnePulseONEPULSE REWARDS

OnePulse shows you two types of pulses – fun ones and paid ones.  There are different levels to make your way up and at certain points your reward amount increases.  I joined OnePulse in January and I honestly can’t remember the amount that I started on, I think it was 15p but don’t quote me on that.  Each time you answer a pulse, whether a fun or paid pulse, you earn XP and that is how you level up.  At the time of writing this I am on level 8 and earning 17p per pulse and once I reach level 9, I will be rewarded with 18p per pulse.


There is a payment threshold of just £5 and payment is made via Paypal.  I haven’t tested this out yet but I don’t envisage any issues with it.


Make Money with OnePulseIN CONCLUSION

Again, as with everything I’ve tried so far, this is not something that is going to make you a Millionaire.  However, since starting with this app in January, I have already ‘earned’ £6.24.  The pulses are quick and enjoyable to do and it is a very easy way of making money for very little work.

As stated at the beginning of my Money Making challenge, I will be ‘saving’ up anything that I earn and will post my totals at the end of the year.

I would definitely recommend downloading this app.  By spending a couple of minutes a day, checking for pulses, you could have quite a bit stashed away at the end of the year.  If you do give it a go, I would love to know how you get on.

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