How to earn cashback with Quidco

One of the easiest ways to make the most of your money is to join a cashback site. There are a number of cashback sites out there but here I will be talking about Quidco.

I have been a member of Quidco for a couple of years and have earned over £200 in cashback just by purchasing items I would normally buy.

How it works

Before making any online purchase you must sign in to the Quidco website. On their home page you will see their latest offers. There is also a search box at the top of the page to allow you to search for specific retailers.

You search for the retailer that you intend to purchase from, click on their name and this will take you to a page which shows all of the available cashback opportunities for that particular retailer.

When you are ready, you click on the ‘visit retailer & get cashback’ button. You are then redirected to the retailer’s own website where you can make your purchase in the normal way. Once the purchase has been made, this will be tracked by Quidco and once confirmed by the retailer (the time this takes does vary by retailer), you will receive your cashback.

What kind of retailers do they represent

Retailers of every kind, from travel, electrical, fashion, telecoms, insurance and finance – you should check everytime you plan to make an online purchase.

My Experience

Once you have joined there is really no excuse not to go via Quidco for every purchase you would make online. I have on a few occasions forgotten to go via Quidco and missed out on what is really ‘free’ cash! Recently I have earned the following cashback on purchases I had planned to make:

Hotel booking £12.61
Fridge Freezer £4.50
Ferry booking £7.74
That is £24.85 for signing in to Quidco and checking if the retailer I was planning on purchasing from had a cashback offer available.

What have you got to lose – other than money!  Join here today.



  1. Good post for anyone thinking of joining. I love Quidco.

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