E-commerce for first-timers: 7 quick tips

E-commerce for first-timers: 7 quick tips

The world of e-commerce is growing every year, and last year the e-commerce industry in the United States alone was more than $450 billion! This is a vastly expanding market and one that you can get involved with very easily. In fact, e-commerce represents one of the best avenues for starting a small business in 2018. However, I would say if you are serious about wanting to be successful in the world of e-commerce you need to be a little more au fait with the industry. With that in mind, these are 7 of the best tips that e-commerce first-timers need to be made aware of.

1. Consistency is Key

Consistency is always the key in business, and e-commerce is no different. You have to make sure you are updating your blog constantly, and that you keep your store well stocked as well. Being consistent is essential for allowing customers to check back as and when they need. Coming up with a schedule to help you be more consistent is so important.

2. Give Plenty of Thought to the Website

I am always amazed by how much businesses seem to gloss over their websites as though they’re an afterthought. This is especially pertinent when you consider the fact that 94% of negative website feedback relates to the design of the site. On top of the design, you should also consider loading speed. People will click off if your site isn’t loading as quickly as they want it to - in fact, that can be in as little as 3 seconds. Make sure your site is super fast!

3. Build Relationships as Early as You Can

It is always so important to make sure you develop relationships as early as you can. Success in the e-commerce world always comes from improving and boosting the relationships you have with other business owners, and with customers. I think it is so important to have people in your corner working to help you, with that is via advice, or affiliate marketing, or whatever - make sure you develop strong relationships. 

4. Always Put the Customer First

Always make sure you put the customer first at all times. I know this goes without saying when you are a business owner, but it is absolutely essential. You have to make sure you focus on improving the way you deal with your customers and giving them the best service you can. This means providing excellent products, attractive delivery options, and multiple contact options. Trust me, this is so important.

5. Maximize Social Media

Social media is your secret weapon as an e-commerce business owner, and take it from me, you need to use it. Keep in mind that purchasing from social media in recent years has really taken off. I bet you didn’t know that 84% of Americans who buy online will review at least one social media site before they make their purchase! My point is if you are not utilizing social media effectively then who knows how much you are missing out on?!

6. Understand Your Niche

Understanding your niche is absolutely essential as a small business owner. You need to know the people you are targeting with your business, and what you need to do to make things appeal to them as much as possible. Your niche can definitely impact upon your blog and vice versa, but it is important to make sure you understand the niche as wholly as possible because then you can work toward success.

7. Stick to Your Mission Statement

When you start your business, you are going to have a set of values, and I understand that it is easy to sway from these. But, over time you will need to think about how you can get back on track. This is tricky, but it’s also really important to reassess your mission statement and understand what you were trying to achieve in the first place. I feel like this is the key to having a thriving and successful e-commerce brand.

As you can see, there is quite a bit to think about, but I never said the quest to become a success in the world of small business was going to be easy! If you feel like I’ve missed anything important out, please do let me know in the comments below!

*Collaborative Post