Have YOU Claimed Your Blog on Bloglovin’?

How to claim your blog on Bloglovin'

Before starting my own blog, I’d signed up to Bloglovin', as I loved how easy it made following the blogs I loved.  It instantly shows your readers when a new post has been published and ensures that they never miss one. As soon as I started my blog, I knew that having my blog on Bloglovin’ was definitely something I wanted to do.  The only problem was, as a new blogger, you find that everything you do involves a very STEEP learning curve.  It is not all about writing your posts, the technical side of things can sometime be so overwhelming. 

That's why I wrote this Step-by-Step guide.  

One of the advantages of ‘Claiming your blog’ on Bloglovin’ is that you will get access to their analytics.  The analytics will show you things like: 

1.     How many Bloglovin’ followers you have

2.    Your top posts within the last 7 day

You can add a follower button on your blog to make it easy for people to follow you.  Bloglovin' will then automatically show your new post in your readers' feed.

If you, too, would like to claim YOUR blog on Bloglovin' my Step-by-Step guide is available to purchase via Amazon.

Any blogger, new to Bloglovin', will find this guide of use.  However,  if you have any questions or require any help, please either leave a comment below or send me an email and I will get back to you.

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How to claim your blog on Bloglovin'


  1. Phew! I didn't know if I had claimed my blog or not! But I had but thank you form asking it easy for me to find out as I am not the most technical person.
    Nicola x

  2. Sooo I thought I had done this but reading your tutorial makes me pretty sure I haven't! Haha! Great post, I'm going to work on this once the kids are in bed! ?

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