Selfie Ring Light - Image show a white selfie ring light that is lit up with 36 leds - it also states at the bottom 'not just for selfies'

Selfie Ring Light - Image show a white selfie ring light that is lit up with 36 leds - it also states at the bottom 'not just for selfies'

Improve your Photography with a Selfie Ring Light

These days taking photos with your phone is commonplace.  Although not everyone is a professional photographer, everyone wants their images to look good.  As a blogger, this has become even more important. 

I do not have a professional photographer to take my images, I take them myself.  I do not have fancy camera equipment, I use my iPhone 6s.  However, I have just discovered the Selfie Ring Light and I love it!  So much so, that I just had to write a blog post about it so that I could tell everyone what an amazing tool it is, where you can get one and how you can use it.

What is a Selfie Ring Light?

A Selfie Ring Light consists of a number of led bulbs set within a plastic ring that you can clip to your phone to help with lighting.

There are various makes and models out there but I would recommend finding one that has different brightness settings and is rechargeable.

Who is a Selfie Ring Light for?

Absolutely everyone who takes any type of photos with their phone.  Although it is called a Selfie Ring Light, I have yet to use it for a selfie.  I have used it for images of food and products in a variety of styles though and it is amazing for removing the shadows that often occur – particularly during UK winter days.

How Do You Use a Selfie Ring Light?

The ring of lights is attached to a clip.  The clip opens to allow you to slide your phone in and then securely clips on to the phone.  You can clip the light on forwards or backwards so you can use it for both your front facing and rear facing camera.

The ring light that I have has three brightness levels.  There is a button on the reverse which allows you to set the brightness. 

It is also rechargeable and comes with a charging cable that has a USB on one end – this makes it perfect for travelling or taking out and about.

What is the difference between images?

The difference in images is fantastic but you have to see them to believe them. Take a look at the examples I have below.  These images were all taken in my kitchen (which has a large window), in the early evening (not much natural light) and under ceiling spotlights.  I always have a problem with shadows, no matter which way I angle my phone. 

As you can see the difference the ring light makes is amazing.  The four images below show you first how the image was without any additional light, through to the final image (bottom right) which shows you the same image but with the selfie ring light on its brightest setting.  The shadows directly around the box are almost completely gone.

Where can I buy a selfie ring light?

I can highly recommend the one I purchased.  I have been using it for around a month now and just love it.  Everyone I show it to is amazed at the difference it makes.

I have to admit to being doubtful at first.  I had looked around and found that Amazon (affiliate link) had the best selection.  There are a variety of different specifications so make sure you get the one that does everything you want it to.  As I mentioned previously, I recommend one with at least 36 LEDs, 3 adjustable brightness levels and that it is rechargeable.  You can get these for under £10.

I eventually found a Selfie Ring Light (affiliate link) that covered all my requirements for just £2.69 and for that price I decided it was definitely worth a punt.  It came from China and took about 3 weeks to arrive, but I was quite happy to wait for this.  Here's the one I purchased:


  • I love this selfie ring light and can’t recommend it enough.
  • It is suitable for any type of photos – not just selfies
  • If you can wait 3 weeks for delivery then I can highly recommend the one I have
  • Make sure is suitable for your make of phone
  • Rechargeable ones are easier for travelling or going out and about
  • Look for one with the option for different brightness levels

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Selfie Ring Light - Image show a white selfie ring light that is lit up with 36 leds - it also states at the bottom 'not just for selfies'