Our Stress Free Christmas Dinner

Our STRESS FREE Christmas Dinner

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This year I am cooking a stress-free Christmas dinner courtesy of frozen food. 

In previous years I would have been prepping days in advance, cooking things and freezing them ready for the big day.  Then Christmas Eve and Christmas Day would be spent peeling, chopping and blanching.  This year I have decided to do things differently.  Instead of maniacally food prepping and then spending the day slaving in the kitchen, this year I have turned to ready prepared, frozen food.

We will be having the traditional Christmas dinner, only this year someone else has peeled, chopped, blanched and prepped for me! 

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We will be having:

  • Frozen Turkey Breast Joint (1.6kg) – Sainsbury’s
  • Frozen Mashed Potatoes (908g) – Iceland
  • Frozen Goose Fat Roast Potatoes (1.17kg) – Iceland
  • Frozen Aunt Bessie’s Yorkshire Puddings – Iceland
  • Frozen Brussels chestnuts, bacon and two cheeses – Iceland
  • Frozen Parsnips Three ways in a cheese sauce – Iceland
  • Frozen Pigs in Blankets (12) – Iceland

Along with peas, carrots, stuffing, gravy and then followed by Christmas or Chocolate Pudding with Custard or Brandy Butter we will be stuffed.

There are many advantages for me when using frozen foods.  Here are just a few:

No preparation time needed – this was a big one for me this year with working right up to the big day.

Convenience – Less washing up.  Most of the items come in their own ‘ready to cook’ foil trays.  Not only does this mean less washing up, it also allows me to fit more in the oven at one time (which is something I always struggle with).  I can simply use two large baking trays to sit everything on.

Better organisation – Everything is either in the freezer or cupboard (in the case of non-frozen foods) already. 


My favourite store for frozen food is Iceland.  They have an amazing range of food all year round but especially at Christmas.  I also have their Iceland Bonus Card which I wrote about and which I use to get access to offers.

We have just done a bigger shop than normal to cover two weeks.  Apart from the odd loaf of bread, bottle of milk or bits of fruit, all of which we can get from our local independent shops, we do not need to enter a major supermarket until Christmas is all over.  This makes me happy!

All the cards have been written, the presents have been wrapped and we just need to sit back and wait for the big day (oh and go to work). I just need to remember to go and get some Euros this week ready for our trip to Berlin.

I think I’m starting to feel a little excited now. How about you?

Our Stress Free Christmas Dinner