Christmas Dinner – Ready Prepared

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One of my absolute favourite TV programmes is I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here.  Last year (and the previous year, I think) Iceland Foods sponsored the programme.  It was watching these adverts that inspired me to check out my local Iceland store.  I had got into the habit of just visiting one supermarket due to ease but these adverts really made me stop and think about looking at other shops.  Their products just looked so delicious!

I did visit and have never looked back.  Last year I wrote this post all about my stress free Christmas dinner.

Iceland Foods

I would just like to point out that this is NOT a sponsored post.  I am just a convert to Iceland Foods and have been really impressed with everything I have previously purchased from Iceland.  Iceland has a fantastic range of foods, at fantastic prices and we get lots of our shopping from their now.  It has completely changed the way we shop too.  Instead of just one supermarket, we now split our weekly shop between Iceland, Tesco, Poundland and Farmfoods and are able to take advantage of all the offers available.  As a family of 4 we need to keep our shopping bills under control.

Last Christmas

Last Christmas, rather than making everything from scratch and spending hours preparing vegetables, I decided to go down the frozen foods route.  It was such a success that I am going to do the exact same thing this year.  It was just so easy.  The foods were delicious, I was able to buy a couple of items each week and store them in the freezer.  Many of the items came in containers that you cooked them in which saved on the washing up AND there was no waste!

Easy Christmas Dinner

If you would like an easy to produce, delicious Christmas Dinner then look no further.  I am going to show you exactly what I will be having for Christmas Dinner along with the costs of the dinner.  There will be no need for any preparation beforehand.  This will leave you free to enjoy Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with your family.

Another thing I love about using Iceland is that some of the items come in their own foil trays.  Saving you purchasing more baking trays AND saving on the washing up – always a plus!  The foil trays can even be recycled.

Shopping List

Some of us are big eaters – the boys especially.  They can eat three times what I eat and are 3 times thinner – how does that work??  They are also constantly hungry.  My reasons for telling you this are that the below list is for the amounts we will be buying – so two packs of some items.  For your family, you may prefer to alter the quantities.

Turkey - Iceland Luxury 100% British Turkey Class a Boneless Turkey Joint with Pig in Blanket Stuffing 1.56Kg £15.00

Pigs in BlanketsIceland 12 Sausage & Bacon Rolls 276g £2.00

Roast PotatoesIceland Roast Potatoes 907g £1.00

Mashed PotatoesIceland Mashed Potato 908g £1.00     x2

BrusselsIceland Luxury Sprouts with Chestnuts, Bacon, Stilton and Gorgonzola 600g £2.50

ParsnipsIceland Honey Glazed Roast Parsnips 750g £1.50

Yorkshire Puddings - Iceland 20 Yorkshire Puddings 25% Extra Free 362g £1.00


Cost for a family of 6

So for the main part of the meal it comes to a total of £25 for 6 people.  That’s just £4.16 per person which I think is great value.


In addition to the main elements of the meal, we also have:

Peas – tinned basic range

Carrots – tinned basic range

Bread Sauce - packet mix

Cranberry Sauce - Jar

Redcurrant Jelly - Jar

Gravy - gravy granules

And then there is Pudding!

There are only two out of the six who like Christmas Pudding, so I always buy those individual sized ones and serve them with Bird’s Brandy Sauce.  The rest of us will have be having a chocolate sponge pudding, which I will make myself and cook in the microwave.

Christmas Eve Preparation


Christmas Day

On the day I like to write down the order in which things need to go in the oven.  I also make a note of the temperature required and which shelf is recommended.  As each item goes into the oven or microwave I tick it off and can see at a glance exactly where I am.  This leaves me free to enjoy the day.  It also has the added advantage that anyone, usually the husband, can also check the list and see what needs doing next.

Boxing Day

There are usually plenty of left overs and the four of us love having a second Christmas dinner to use it all up.  So no waste either – what’s not to love?

Social Sharing

I will post a picture of my Christmas dinner on Money Saving Journeys social media platforms – remember to follow me if you want to see it!  You can also share a picture of yours with me too.

With just over a week to go before the big day, I hope you are ready.  My presents are wrapped, my cards have been written and delivered, the food is in the freezer ready.  How are you preparations going?

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christmas dinner - no preparation required, christmas dinner, christmas food, iceland foods, frozen food, meal plan