8 simple picnic ideas - afternoon tea picnic, wimbledon picnic, workd buffet picnic

8 Simple Picnic Ideas

8 simple picnic ideas - afternoon tea picnic, wimbledon picnic, workd buffet picnic

8 Simple Picnic Ideas

I love picnics.  I love that you can easily cater for all tastes – especially the fussier ones.  They are also a great way to save money on days out.  However, I have noticed that when you mention you are going to take a picnic, some peoples noses turn up at the thought.  It appears that for some people the memories which involve picnics are of soggy sandwiches and boring food - but it doesn’t have to be that way.  Here are 8 simple picnic ideas for you to try.

The Afternoon Tea Picnic

This has to be one of my favourites.  Simply prepare your favourite sandwiches, remove the crusts and cut into fingers.

Add some scones, a pot of jam and some whipped cream. You could use squirty cream or whip your cream up before you leave and keep cool with some ice packs and a cool bag.

Flasks of hot tea and coffee complete your picnic.

The Wimbledon Picnic

I always think of cucumber sandwiches when I think of Wimbledon season but you can, of course, take any flavour of sandwiches you like.

For dessert, it has to be strawberries and cream.  Wash and chop your strawberries before you go.  If you like to sprinkle sugar on your strawberries, do this before you leave too.  This will disolve as you travel and coat the strawberries.  Again, use squirty cream or pre-whip your cream and store in a cool bag with some icepacks.

A bottle of Pimm’s completes the picnic but remember to provide some non-alcoholic alternatives for any drivers or non-drinkers.

The Italian Picnic

Make some of your favourite pasta dishes – some to serve cold and some to serve warm.  Use a food flask to keep your pasta warm whilst you travel.

Accompany this with some ready grated Parmesan cheese and ciabatta and a Tiramisu for dessert.

Italian wine (and a non-alcoholic version) finishes this Italian picnic off nicely.

Spanish Picnic

This is a picnic we eat regularly when we are holiday in Spain.  We pop to the local markets and supermarkets to purchase our foods and take it all to eat on the beach.

Buy ready cooked cold meats like Chorizo, Manchego cheese and breads. Add other accompaniments like olives or sun-dried tomatoes.

For dessert you can’t beat a fresh fruit salad and, of course, you need some Sangria.

Indian Picnic

Onion Bhajis, Samosas and Pakoras are ideal picnic foods and along with some poppadoms and chutneys make a perfect picnic starter.

For the main course you can take along your favourite curries in your food flasks, some rice and Naan bread.

Kids Tea Party Picnic

Gather together your favourite sandwhiches, some jelly, cake and bottles of squash and you have the perfect fun tea party picnic for adults and children alike.

American Picnic

A favourite picnic for my two teenagers.  I heat the hotdog sausages according to the instructions on the tin and then pop into my food flask to keep warm.

I pre-slice my hot dog buns before packing up along with pots of ketchup and mustard.

Remember to take some tongs, so you can easily fish the sausages out of your flask without burning your fingers.

World Buffet Picnic

Create a World Buffet picnic by combining all of your favourites elements from the picnic suggestions above and serve as one big picnic.

Picnic Station

Did you read the post where I shared how I’d created a picnic station to keep all my picnic items together ready to grab and go? 

Why not pin this for later?

8 simple picnic ideas - afternoon tea picnic, wimbledon picnic, workd buffet picnic